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commodity Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun articles of commerce
    good; trade good.

Com*mod"i*ty noun
F. commodit, fr. L. commoditas. See Commode.
plural Commodities
  1. Convenience; accommodation; profit; benefit; advantage; interest; commodiousness. Obs.
    Drawn by the commodity of a footpath. B. Jonson.
    Men may seek their own commodity, yet if this were done with injury to others, it was not to be suffered. Hooker.
  2. That which affords convenience, advantage, or profit, especially in commerce, including everything movable that is bought and sold (except animals), -- goods, wares, merchandise, produce of land and manufactures, etc.
  3. A parcel or quantity of goods. Obs.
    A commodity of brown paper and old ginger. Shak.

Webster 1913

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