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clothes Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun clothing in general
    apparel; dress; wearing apparel.
    • she was refined in her choice of apparel
    • he always bought his clothes at the same store
    • fastidious about his dress
  2. verb provide with clothes or put clothes on
    enclothe; garment; fit out; garb; raiment; apparel; habilitate; dress; tog; clothe.
    • Parents must feed and dress their child
  3. verb furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors
    invest; adorn; clothe.
  4. verb cover as if with clothing
    robe; drape; cloak; clothe.
    • the mountain was clothed in tropical trees

Clothes noun plural
From Cloth.
  1. Covering for the human body; dress; vestments; vesture; -- a general term for whatever covering is worn, or is made to be worn, for decency or comfort.
    She . . . speaks well, and has excellent good clothes. Shak.
    If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. Mark. v. 28.
  2. The covering of a bed; bedclothes.
    She turned each way her frighted head, Then sunk it deep beneath the clothes. Prior.
    Syn. -- Garments; dress; clothing; apparel; attire; vesture; raiment; garb; costume; habit; habiliments.

Webster 1913