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carnal Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective satellite marked by the appetites and passions of the body
    fleshly; sensual; animal.
    • animal instincts
    • carnal knowledge
    • fleshly desire
    • a sensual delight in eating
    • music is the only sensual pleasure without vice
  2. adjective of or relating to the body or flesh
    • carnal remains

Car"nal adjective
L. carnalis, fr. caro, carnis, flesh; akin to Gr. , Skr. kravya; cf. F. charnel, Of. also carnel. Cf. Charnel.
  1. Of or pertaining to the body or is appetites; animal; fleshly; sensual; given to sensual indulgence; lustful; human or worldly as opposed to spiritual.
    For ye are yet carnal. 1 Car. iii. 3.
    Not sunk in carnal pleasure. Milton
    rnal desires after miracles. Trench.
  2. Flesh-devouring; cruel; ravenous; bloody. Obs.
    This carnal cur Preys on the issue of his mother's body. Shak.

Webster 1913