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captivating Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb attract; cause to be enamored
    capture; entrance; bewitch; fascinate; enamour; trance; captivate; beguile; charm; catch; becharm; enchant; enamor.
    • She captured all the men's hearts
  2. adjective satellite capturing interest as if by a spell
    fascinating; bewitching; entrancing; enthralling; enchanting.
    • bewitching smile
    • Roosevelt was a captivating speaker
    • enchanting music
    • an enthralling book
    • antique papers of entrancing design
    • a fascinating woman

Cap"ti*va`ting adjective
  1. Having power to captivate or cham; fascinating; as, captivating smiles. -- Cap"tiva`ting*ly, adv.

Webster 1913

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