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buxom Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. adjective satellite (of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves
    busty; sonsie; stacked; voluptuous; full-bosomed; bosomy; curvaceous; curvy; well-endowed; sonsy.
    • Hollywood seems full of curvaceous blondes
    • a curvy young woman in a tight dress
  2. adjective satellite (of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous;
    zoftig; zaftig.
    • a generation ago...buxom actresses were popular"- Robt.A.Hamilton

Bux"om adjective
OE. buxum, boxom, buhsum, pliable, obedient, AS. bocsum, buhsum (akin to D. buigzaam blexible, G. biegsam); bugan to bow, bend + -sum, E. -some. See Bow to bend, and -some.
  1. Yielding; pliable or compliant; ready to obey; obedient; tractable; docile; meek; humble. Obs.
    So wild a beast, so tame ytaught to be, And buxom to his bands, is joy to see. Spenser.
    I submit myself unto this holy church of Christ, to be ever buxom and obedient to the ordinance of it. Foxe.
  2. Having the characteristics of health, vigor, and comeliness, combined with a gay, lively manner; stout and rosy; jolly; frolicsome.
    A daughter fair, So buxom, blithe, and debonair. Milton.
    A parcel of buxom bonny dames, that were laughing, singing, dancing, and as merry as the day was long. Tatler.
    -- Bux"om*ly, adv. -- Bux"om*ness, n.

Webster 1913

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