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buskin Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun a boot reaching halfway up to the knee
    desert boot; half boot; combat boot; top boot.

Bus"kin noun
Prob. from OF. brossequin, or D. broosken. See Brodekin.
  1. A strong, protecting covering for the foot, coming some distance up the leg.
    The hunted red deer's undressed hide Their hairy buskins well supplied. Sir W. Scott.
  2. A similar covering for the foot and leg, made with very thick soles, to give an appearance of elevation to the stature; -- worn by tragic actors in ancient Greece and Rome. Used as a symbol of tragedy, or the tragic drama, as distinguished from comedy.
    Great Fletcher never treads in buskins here, No greater Jonson dares in socks appear. Dryden.

Webster 1913

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