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bluefish Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun bluish warm-water marine food and game fish that follow schools of small fishes into shallow waters
    Pomatomus saltatrix.
  2. noun fatty bluish flesh of bluefish

Blue"fish` noun
  1. A large voracious fish (Pomatomus saitatrix), of the family Carangidæ, valued as a food fish, and widely distributed on the American coast. On the New Jersey and Rhode Island coast it is called the horse mackerel, in Virginia saltwater tailor, or skipjack.
  2. A West Indian fish (Platyglossus radiatus), of the family Labridæ. ✍ The name is applied locally to other species of fishes; as the cunner, sea bass, squeteague, etc.

Webster 1913

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