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binding Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. noun the capacity to attract and hold something
  2. noun strip sewn over or along an edge for reinforcement or decoration
  3. noun the act of applying a bandage
    bandaging; dressing.
  4. noun one of a pair of mechanical devices that are attached to a ski and that will grip a ski boot; the bindings should release in case of a fall
    ski binding.
  5. noun the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book
    cover; book binding; back.
    • the book had a leather binding
  6. verb stick to firmly
    bind; stick to; hold fast; adhere; stick; bond.
    • Will this wallpaper adhere to the wall?
  7. verb create social or emotional ties
    bind; bond; attach; tie.
    • The grandparents want to bond with the child
  8. verb make fast; tie or secure, with or as if with a rope
    • The Chinese would bind the feet of their women
  9. verb wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose
    bind; bandage.
  10. verb secure with or as if with ropes
    bind; tie up; tie down; truss.
    • tie down the prisoners
    • tie up the old newspapers and bring them to the recycling shed
  11. verb bind by an obligation; cause to be indebted
    oblige; bind; obligate; hold.
    • He's held by a contract
    • I'll hold you by your promise
  12. verb provide with a binding
    • bind the books in leather
  13. verb fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord
    tie; bind.
    • They tied their victim to the chair
  14. verb form a chemical bond with
    • The hydrogen binds the oxygen
  15. verb cause to be constipated
    constipate; bind.
    • These foods tend to constipate you
  16. adjective satellite executed with proper legal authority
    • a binding contract

Bind"ing adjective
  1. That binds; obligatory. Syn. -- Obligatory; restraining; restrictive; stringent; astringent; costive; styptic.
Bind"ing noun
  1. The act or process of one who, or that which, binds.
  2. Anything that binds; a bandage; the cover of a book, or the cover with the sewing, etc.; something that secures the edge of cloth from raveling.
  3. pl. (Naut.) The transoms, knees, beams, keelson, and other chief timbers used for connecting and strengthening the parts of a vessel.

Webster 1913