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adjudicate Meaning, Definition & Usage

  1. verb put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of
    judge; try.
    • The football star was tried for the murder of his wife
    • The judge tried both father and son in separate trials
  2. verb bring to an end; settle conclusively
    settle; resolve; decide.
    • The case was decided
    • The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff
    • The father adjudicated when the sons were quarreling over their inheritance

Ad*ju"di*cate transitive verb
L. adjudicatus, p. p. of adjudicare. See Adjudge.
imperfect & past participle Adjudicated present participle & verbal noun Adjudicating
  1. To adjudge; to try and determine, as a court; to settle by judicial decree.
Ad*ju"di*cate intransitive verb
  1. To come to a judicial decision; as, the court adjudicated upon the case.

Webster 1913

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