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A title anciently given to the pope, and later to other church dignitaries and some monastic orders. See Don, and Dan.

More 'dom' Meaning


  • verb ask for and get free; be a parasite
    sponge; bum; grub; mooch.
  • verb obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling
    shnorr; schnorr; scrounge.
    • he is always shnorring cigarettes from his friends

More 'cadge' Meaning


  • noun the prevention of something increasing or spreading (especially the prevention of an increase in the number of countries possessing nuclear weapons)
    • they protested that the nonproliferation treaty was just a plot to maintain the hegemony of those who already had nuclear weapons
    • nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation are closely related goals

More 'nonproliferation' Meaning


  • noun a local and well-defined elevation of the land
    • they loved to roam the hills of West Virginia
  • noun structure consisting of an artificial heap or bank usually of earth or stones
    • they built small mounds to hide behind

More 'hill' Meaning


  • noun a light clear metallic sound as of a small bell
  • verb make or emit a high sound
    clink; tink; chink.
    • tinkling bells

More 'tinkle' Meaning


  • noun (Yiddish) excessive sentimentality in art or music
    shmaltz; schmaltz.

More 'schmalz' Meaning


  • noun the mother of your father or mother
    grannie; grandma; nan; nanna; grandmother; gran.
  • noun an old woman

More 'granny' Meaning


  • noun Irish writer of short stories (1896-1984)
    Liam O'Flaherty.

More 'o'flaherty' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun an international organization based in Geneva that monitors and enforces rules governing global trade
    World Trade Organization.

More 'wto' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a form of address for a woman

More 'ms.' Meaning


  • verb remove with or as if with a ladle
    laden; ladle.
    • ladle the water out of the bowl
  • verb fill or place a load on
    load; load up; laden.
    • load a car
    • load the truck with hay

More 'lade' Meaning


  • noun someone who theorizes (especially in science or art)
    theoretician; theoriser; idealogue; theorizer.

More 'theorist' Meaning


  • noun someone who doesn't understand what is going on
  • noun a fabric interwoven with threads of metal
    • she wore a gold lame dress

More 'lame' Meaning


  • noun any female friend
    • Mary and her girlfriend organized the party
  • noun a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved
    girl; lady friend.
    • his girlfriend kicked him out

More 'girlfriend' Meaning


  • noun large brown aquatic larva of the dobsonfly; used as fishing bait
  • noun large soft-bodied insect having long slender mandibles in the male; aquatic larvae often used as bait
    Corydalus cornutus; dobson fly; dobsonfly.

More 'dobson' Meaning


  • noun a female person who has the same parents as another person
    • my sister married a musician
  • noun (Roman Catholic Church) a title given to a nun (and used as a form of address)
    • the Sisters taught her to love God

More 'sister' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun informal terms for a (young) woman
    doll; wench; chick; skirt; bird.
  • noun a woman of refinement
    gentlewoman; madam; ma'am; lady.
    • a chauffeur opened the door of the limousine for the grand lady

More 'dame' Meaning


  • noun a silly self-conscious smile
  • verb smile affectedly or derisively

More 'simper' Meaning


  • noun the face of a timepiece; graduated to show the hours
  • noun the control on a radio or television set that is used for tuning

More 'dial' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • verb express gratitude or show appreciation to
    give thanks.

More 'thank' Meaning


  • adjective satellite indicating the most important performer or role
    stellar; leading; prima; star.
    • the leading man
    • prima ballerina
    • prima donna
    • a star figure skater
    • the starring role
    • a stellar role
    • a stellar performance
  • verb feature as the star
    • The movie stars Dustin Hoffman as an autistic man

More 'starring' Meaning


  • noun the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle
    auntie; aunty.

More 'aunt' Meaning


  • noun a mug intended for serving beer
    beer mug.
  • noun experimental expatriate United States writer (1874-1946)
    Gertrude Stein.

More 'stein' Meaning


  • noun United States writer (born 1919)
    Jerome David Salinger; J. D. Salinger.

More 'salinger' Meaning


  • noun tall iced drink of liquor (usually gin) with fruit juice
    Tom Collins.
  • noun English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)
    Wilkie Collins; William Wilkie Collins.

More 'collins' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds
    telephone set; telephone.
    • I talked to him on the telephone
  • noun (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language
    sound; speech sound.

More 'phone' Meaning


  • noun United States landscape architect primarily responsible for the design of Central Park in New York City (1822-1903)
    Frederick Law Olmsted.

More 'olmsted' Meaning


  • noun a social scientist who studies the institutions and development of human society

More 'sociologist' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a tight or amorous embrace
    squeeze; clinch.
    • come here and give me a big hug
  • verb squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness
    squeeze; embrace; bosom.
    • Hug me, please
    • They embraced
    • He hugged her close to him

More 'hug' Meaning


  • noun a roofed arcade or gallery with open sides stretching along the front or side of a building; often at an upper level

More 'loggia' Meaning


  • noun a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition
    shout; call; outcry; vociferation; yell.
    • the speaker was interrupted by loud cries from the rear of the audience
  • noun a loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate)
    • a cry of rage
    • a yell of pain

More 'cry' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a peasant farmer in the Scottish Highlands
  • noun a medieval English villein

More 'cotter' Meaning


  • noun a form of address for a man
    Mr.; Mister.

More 'mr' Meaning


  • noun Canadian hockey player (born 1948)
    Robert Orr; Bobby Orr.

More 'orr' Meaning


  • noun a pause during which things are calm or activities are diminished
    • there was never a letup in the noise
  • noun a period of calm weather
    • there was a lull in the storm

More 'lull' Meaning


  • noun United States abstract expressionist painter (1910-1962)
    Franz Kline; Franz Joseph Kline.

More 'kline' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • verb feel grief
  • verb cause to feel sorrow
    • his behavior grieves his mother

More 'grieve' Meaning


  • noun teacher at a university or college (especially at Cambridge or Oxford)
  • noun a Spanish gentleman or nobleman

More 'don' Meaning


  • noun a person who holds Ph.D. degree (or the equivalent) from an academic institution
    • she is a doctor of philosophy in physics
  • noun a licensed medical practitioner
    MD; medico; physician; doc; doctor.
    • I felt so bad I went to see my doctor

More 'dr.' Meaning


  • noun naturally effervescent mineral water
  • noun effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide
    sparkling water; soda water; club soda; carbonated water.

More 'seltzer' Meaning


  • noun a language unit by which a person or thing is known
    • his name really is George Washington
    • those are two names for the same thing
  • noun a person's reputation
    • he wanted to protect his good name

More 'name' Meaning


  • noun a playwright and novelist (born in Ireland) who lived in France; wrote plays for the theater of the absurd (1906-1989)
    Samuel Beckett.

More 'beckett' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine
  • noun a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid

More 'well' Meaning


  • noun someone who contributes (or promises to contribute) a sum of money
  • noun a writer whose work is published in a newspaper or magazine or as part of a book

More 'contributor' Meaning


  • noun United States anarchist (born in Russia) who opposed conscription; was deported to the Soviet Union in 1919 (1869-1940)
    Emma Goldman.

More 'goldman' Meaning


  • noun an utterance made by exhaling audibly
  • noun a sound like a person sighing
    • she heard the sigh of the wind in the trees

More 'sigh' Meaning


  • noun plant having a large slender white bulb and flat overlapping dark green leaves; used in cooking; believed derived from the wild Allium ampeloprasum
    Allium porrum; scallion.
  • noun related to onions; white cylindrical bulb and flat dark-green leaves

More 'leek' Meaning


  • verb praise somewhat dishonestly
  • adjective satellite having a surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another
    flat; plane; level.
    • a flat desk
    • acres of level farmland
    • a plane surface
    • skirts sewn with fine flat seams

More 'flatter' Meaning


  • noun the sound made by a pigeon
  • verb speak softly or lovingly
    • The mother who held her baby was cooing softly

More 'coo' Meaning


  • noun a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine)
    editor in chief.
  • noun (computer science) a program designed to perform such editorial functions as rearrangement or modification or deletion of data
    editor program.

More 'editor' Meaning


  • noun horse of a dull brownish grey color
  • noun a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color
    fawn; greyish brown; grayish brown.
    • she wore dun

More 'dun' Meaning


  • noun qualities that attract by seeming to promise some kind of reward
    come-on; enticement.
  • noun anything that serves as an enticement
    come-on; bait; sweetener; hook.

More 'lure' Meaning


  • noun United States chemist who developed methods for studying long-chain molecules (1910-1985)
    Paul John Flory.

More 'flory' Meaning


  • noun the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event)
    aftermath; backwash.
    • the aftermath of war
    • in the wake of the accident no one knew how many had been injured
  • noun an island in the western Pacific between Guam and Hawaii
    Wake Island.

More 'wake' Meaning


  • noun a slight convexity (as of the surface of a road)
  • noun a slope in the turn of a road or track; the outside is higher than the inside in order to reduce the effects of centrifugal force
    cant; bank.

More 'camber' Meaning


  • noun an associate that one works with
    workfellow; fellow worker; co-worker.
  • noun a person who is member of one's class or profession
    confrere; fellow.
    • the surgeon consulted his colleagues
    • he sent e-mail to his fellow hackers

More 'colleague' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • verb inquire about
    inquire; enquire.
    • I asked about their special today
    • He had to ask directions several times
  • verb make a request or demand for something to somebody
    • She asked him for a loan

More 'ask' Meaning


  • noun a person who has been freed from slavery

More 'freedman' Meaning


  • noun a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings
    interior decorator; house decorator; interior designer; room decorator; decorator.
  • noun someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)

More 'designer' Meaning


  • noun a reflex that expels gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth
    burping; eructation; belching; burp.
  • verb expel gas from the stomach
    bubble; burp; eruct.
    • In China it is polite to burp at the table

More 'belch' Meaning


  • noun someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously

More 'coordinator' Meaning


To reveal; to disclose. Obs.
To no wight thou shalt this counsel wray. Chaucer.

More 'wray' Meaning


  • noun a writer for newspapers and magazines
  • noun someone who keeps a diary or journal
    diarist; diary keeper.

More 'journalist' Meaning


To burn. Obs. Chaucer.
Consuming fire brent his shearing house or stall. W. Browne.

More 'bren' Meaning


  • verb utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy
    call out; cry; cry out; shout; outcry.
    • `I won!' he exclaimed
    • `Help!' she cried
    • `I'm here,' the mother shouted when she saw her child looking lost
  • verb state or announce
    promulgate; proclaim.
    • `I am not a Communist,' he exclaimed
    • The King will proclaim an amnesty

More 'exclaim' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a mechanical device for gripping an object
  • noun the act of catching an object with the hands
    catch; snap; snatch.
    • Mays made the catch with his back to the plate
    • he made a grab for the ball before it landed
    • Martin's snatch at the bridle failed and the horse raced away
    • the infielder's snap and throw was a single motion

More 'grab' Meaning


  • noun a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
    sports meeting.
  • verb come together
    see; come across; run into; run across; encounter.
    • I'll probably see you at the meeting
    • How nice to see you again!

More 'meet' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
    married woman.

More 'wife' Meaning


  • noun United States writer of historical novels (1907-1997)
    James Michener; James Albert Michener.

More 'michener' Meaning


  • noun a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines
    scholarly person; bookman; student.
  • noun someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs
    assimilator; learner.

More 'scholar' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a young woman
    young woman; fille; missy; girl; young lady.
    • a young lady of 18
  • noun a failure to hit (or meet or find etc)

More 'miss' Meaning


  • noun dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top
  • noun a prehistoric unrecorded language that was the ancestor of all Indo-European languages
    Proto-Indo European.

More 'pie' Meaning


  • noun a female human offspring
    • her daughter cared for her in her old age

More 'daughter' Meaning


  • noun English chemist who was a pioneer in electrochemistry and who used it to isolate elements sodium and potassium and barium and boron and calcium and magnesium and chlorine (1778-1829)
    Humphrey Davy; Sir Humphrey Davy.

More 'davy' Meaning


  • noun someone who controls resources and expenditures
    manager; managing director.
  • noun member of a board of directors

More 'director' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb from this time forth; from now on
    • henceforth she will be known as Mrs. Smith

More 'henceforth' Meaning


  • noun 100 halers equal 1 koruna Slovakia
  • noun 100 halers equal 1 koruna in Czech Republic

More 'heller' Meaning


  • noun a Swiss patriot who lived in the early 14th century and who was renowned for his skill as an archer; according to legend an Austrian governor compelled him to shoot an apple from his son's head with his crossbow (which he did successfully without mishap)
    William Tell.
  • verb express in words
    state; say.
    • He said that he wanted to marry her
    • tell me what is bothering you
    • state your opinion
    • state your name

More 'tell' Meaning


  • noun Venezuelan master terrorist raised by a Marxist-Leninist father; trained and worked with many terrorist groups (born in 1949)
    Sanchez; Ilich Sanchez; Glen Gebhard; Salim; Andres Martinez; Taurus; Carlos the Jackal; Michael Assat; Ilich Ramirez Sanchez; Hector Hevodidbon.

More 'carlos' Meaning


  • noun a person you know well and regard with affection and trust
    • he was my best friend at the university
  • noun an associate who provides cooperation or assistance
    • he's a good ally in fight

More 'friend' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun someone who is a member of the faculty at a college or university

More 'professor' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a person who is an authority on history and who studies it and writes about it

More 'historian' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
  • noun anyone who expresses a reasoned judgment of something

More 'critic' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun first wife of Henry VIII; Henry VIII's divorce from her was the initial step of the Reformation in England (1485-1536)
    Catherine of Aragon.
  • noun empress of Russia who greatly increased the territory of the empire (1729-1796)
    Catherine the Great; Catherine II.

More 'catherine' Meaning


  • noun a worker who casts molten metal into finished products
  • noun a shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling powdered sugar

More 'caster' Meaning


  • verb express gratitude or show appreciation to
    give thanks.

More 'thank' Meaning


  • noun a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine)
    editor in chief.
  • noun (computer science) a program designed to perform such editorial functions as rearrangement or modification or deletion of data
    editor program.

More 'editor' Meaning


  • noun the waging of armed conflict against an enemy
    • thousands of people were killed in the war
  • noun a legal state created by a declaration of war and ended by official declaration during which the international rules of war apply
    state of war.
    • war was declared in November but actual fighting did not begin until the following spring

More 'war' Meaning


  • noun the seat within a bishop's diocese where his cathedral is located
  • verb perceive by sight or have the power to perceive by sight
    • You have to be a good observer to see all the details
    • Can you see the bird in that tree?
    • He is blind--he cannot see

More 'see' Meaning


  • noun any of several small active brown birds of the northern hemisphere with short upright tails; they feed on insects
    jenny wren.
  • noun English architect who designed more than fifty London churches (1632-1723)
    Sir Christopher Wren.

More 'wren' Meaning

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