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  • noun Greek sculptor (4th century BC)

More 'lysippus' Meaning


The first day of May (Old Style).
The quarter-days anciently in Scotland were Hallowmas, Candlemas, Beltane, and Lammas. New English Dict.

More 'beltane' Meaning


  • adverb to an immeasurable degree; beyond measurement
    • the war left him immeasurably fearful of what man can do to man
  • adverb without bounds
    boundlessly; infinitely.
    • he is infinitely wealthy

More 'immeasurably' Meaning


  • noun painter of the Florentine school; anticipated the move from Byzantine to naturalistic art (1240-1302)
    Giovanni Cimabue.

More 'cimabue' Meaning


  • adverb in a convenient manner
    • the switch was conveniently located
  • adverb with no difficulty
    hands down.
    • she beat him handily

More 'handily' Meaning


  • noun thick spicy sauce made from tomatoes
    tomato ketchup; catsup; cetchup.

More 'ketchup' Meaning


  • adverb without bounds
    immeasurably; boundlessly.
    • he is infinitely wealthy
  • adverb continuing forever without end
    • there are infinitely many possibilities

More 'infinitely' Meaning


  • adjective existing or belonging to a time before a war
    • prewar levels of industrial production

More 'prewar' Meaning


  • adjective located at a great distance in time or space or degree
    • we come from a far country
    • far corners of the earth
    • the far future
    • a far journey
    • the far side of the road
    • far from the truth
    • far in the future
  • noun a terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the government dominated by Tutsi and to institute Hutu control again
    Army for the Liberation of Rwanda; Interahamwe; ALIR; Former Armed Forces.
    • in 1999 ALIR guerrillas kidnapped and killed eight foreign tourists

More 'far' Meaning


Any object, act, state, event, or fact whatever; thing of any kind; something or other; aught; as, I would not do it for anything.
Did you ever know of anything so unlucky? A. Trollope.
They do not know that anything is amiss with them. W. G. Sumner.

More 'anything' Meaning


  • adjective satellite clearly defined or formulated
    • the plain and unequivocal language of the laws"- R.B.Taney
  • adjective satellite of recognized authority or excellence
    authoritative; classical; classic.
    • the definitive work on Greece
    • classical methods of navigation

More 'definitive' Meaning


  • noun belief about (or mental picture of) the future
    prospect; outlook.
  • noun anticipating with confidence of fulfillment

More 'expectation' Meaning


  • adverb to an exceedingly great extent or degree
    • He had vastly overestimated his resources
    • was immensely more important to the project as a scientist than as an administrator

More 'vastly' Meaning


  • noun a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk
    baby; infant.
    • the baby began to cry again
    • she held the baby in her arms
    • it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different
  • noun (slang) sometimes used as a term of address for attractive young women
    baby; sister.

More 'babe' Meaning


  • adverb to an extraordinary extent or degree
    • he improved greatly

More 'greatly' Meaning


  • adverb at or in or to any place; (`anyplace' is used informally for `anywhere')
    • you can find this food anywhere

More 'anywhere' Meaning


  • noun Florentine painter who gave up the stiff Byzantine style and developed a more naturalistic style; considered the greatest Italian painter prior to the Renaissance (1267-1337)
    Giotto di Bondone.

More 'giotto' Meaning


  • noun a city on the Zhu Jiang delta in southern China; the capital of Guangdong province and a major deep-water port
    Kwangchow; Kuangchou; Canton.

More 'guangzhou' Meaning


  • adverb as can be shown by argument
    • she is arguably the best

More 'arguably' Meaning


The plural of he, she, or it. They is never used adjectively, but always as a pronoun proper, and sometimes refers to persons without an antecedent expressed.
Jolif and glad they went unto here [their] rest And casten hem [them] full early for to sail. Chaucer.
They of Italy salute you. Heb. xiii. 24.
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness. Matt. v. 6.
They is used indefinitely, as our ancestors used man, and as the French use on; as, they say (French on dit), that is, it is said by persons not specified.

More 'they' Meaning


  • adverb only a very short time before
    scarce; barely; hardly; just.
    • they could barely hear the speaker
    • we hardly knew them
    • just missed being hit
    • had scarcely rung the bell when the door flew open
    • would have scarce arrived before she would have found some excuse to leave"- W.B.Yeats
  • adverb almost not
    • he hardly ever goes fishing
    • he was hardly more than sixteen years old
    • they scarcely ever used the emergency generator

More 'scarcely' Meaning


An emphasized form of the third person feminine pronoun; -- used as a subject with she; as, she herself will bear the blame; also used alone in the predicate, either in the nominative or objective case; as, it is herself; she blames herself.

More 'herself' Meaning


  • adverb not often
    • we rarely met

More 'rarely' Meaning


  • noun the front of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen
    • he beat his breast in anger
  • noun either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman
    titty; tit; bosom; knocker; boob.

More 'breast' Meaning


  • adverb in a dialectic manner
    • his religiousness is dialectically related to his sinfulness

More 'dialectically' Meaning


  • noun belief about (or mental picture of) the future
    prospect; outlook.
  • noun anticipating with confidence of fulfillment

More 'expectation' Meaning


  • noun a native of Latin America
    Latin American.
  • noun an artificial language based on words common to the Romance languages

More 'latino' Meaning


  • noun the latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall)
    eventide; evening; eve.
    • he enjoyed the evening light across the lake
  • verb make level or straight
    even out; level; flush.
    • level the ground

More 'even' Meaning


  • adverb in an incomparable manner or to an incomparable degree
    • she is incomparably gifted

More 'incomparably' Meaning


An emphasized form of the third person masculine pronoun; -- used as a subject usually with he; as, he himself will bear the blame; used alone in the predicate, either in the nominative or objective case; as, it is himself who saved himself.
But he himself returned from the quarries. Judges iii. 19.
David hid himself in the field. 1 Sam. xx. 24.
The Lord himself shall give you a sign. Is. vii. 14.
Who gave himself for us, that he might . . . purify unto himself a peculiar people. Titus ii. 14.
With shame remembers, while himself was one Of the same herd, himself the same had done. Denham.
Himself was formerly used instead of itself. See Note under Him.
It comprehendeth in himself all good. Chaucer.

More 'himself' Meaning


  • adjective satellite exceeding or surpassing usual limits especially in excellence
  • adjective satellite beyond and outside the ordinary range of human experience or understanding
    • the notion of any transcendent reality beyond thought

More 'transcendent' Meaning


  • noun lacquerware decorated and varnished in the Japanese manner with a glossy durable black lacquer
  • noun a string of more than 3,000 islands to the east of Asia extending 1,300 miles between the Sea of Japan and the western Pacific Ocean
    Japanese Islands; Japanese Archipelago.

More 'japan' Meaning


  • noun an American whose first language is Spanish
    Spanish American; Hispanic American.
  • adjective related to a Spanish-speaking people or culture
    • the Hispanic population of California is growing rapidly

More 'hispanic' Meaning


  • noun ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding
  • noun a person of second-rate ability or value
    • a team of aging second-raters
    • shone among the mediocrities who surrounded him

More 'mediocrity' Meaning


  • adverb with ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily')
    • she was easily excited
    • was easily confused
    • he won easily
    • this china breaks very easily
    • success came too easy
  • adverb without question
    • easily the best book she's written

More 'easily' Meaning


Whatever pertains to the subject under consideration; all things.
More wise, more learned, more just, more everything. Pope.

More 'everything' Meaning


  • adverb only a very short time before
    scarce; scarcely; barely; just.
    • they could barely hear the speaker
    • we hardly knew them
    • just missed being hit
    • had scarcely rung the bell when the door flew open
    • would have scarce arrived before she would have found some excuse to leave"- W.B.Yeats
  • adverb almost not
    • he hardly ever goes fishing
    • he was hardly more than sixteen years old
    • they scarcely ever used the emergency generator

More 'hardly' Meaning


  • noun French tragic dramatist whose plays treat grand moral themes in elegant verse (1606-1684)
    Pierre Corneille.

More 'corneille' Meaning


  • adverb with firmness
    • `I will come along,' she said decisively
  • adverb with finality; conclusively
    • the voted settled the argument decisively

More 'decisively' Meaning


  • noun (classical mythology) a hero noted for his strength; performed 12 immense labors to gain immortality
    Alcides; Hercules; Herakles.

More 'heracles' Meaning


  • adverb after an unspecified period of time or an especially long delay

More 'eventually' Meaning


  • adverb only a very short time before
    scarce; scarcely; hardly; just.
    • they could barely hear the speaker
    • we hardly knew them
    • just missed being hit
    • had scarcely rung the bell when the door flew open
    • would have scarce arrived before she would have found some excuse to leave"- W.B.Yeats
  • adverb in a sparse or scanty way
    • a barely furnished room

More 'barely' Meaning


  • noun Florentine sculptor famous for his lifelike sculptures (1386-1466)
    Donato di Betto Bardi.

More 'donatello' Meaning


  • adverb in a systematic or consistent manner
    • they systematically excluded women

More 'consistently' Meaning


  • noun a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom
    U.K.; Great Britain; UK; United Kingdom; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

More 'britain' Meaning


  • noun an insignificant place
    • he came out of nowhere
  • adverb not anywhere; in or at or to no place
    • I am going nowhere

More 'nowhere' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb with rapid movements
    chop-chop; speedily; rapidly; apace.
    • he works quickly
  • adverb with little or no delay
    quick; promptly.
    • the rescue squad arrived promptly
    • come here, quick!

More 'quickly' Meaning


  • adverb according to reports or other information
    • she was reportedly his mistress for many years

More 'reportedly' Meaning


  • verb make very hot and dry
    • The heat scorched the countryside
  • verb become superficially burned
    scorch; singe.
    • my eyebrows singed when I bent over the flames

More 'sear' Meaning


  • noun skill in an occupation or trade
    craftsmanship; craft.

More 'workmanship' Meaning


  • noun Alexandrian astronomer (of the 2nd century) who proposed a geocentric system of astronomy that was undisputed until the late Renaissance
    Claudius Ptolemaeus.
  • noun an ancient dynasty of Macedonian kings who ruled Egypt from 323 BC to 30 BC; founded by Ptolemy I and ended with Cleopatra
    Ptolemaic dynasty.

More 'ptolemy' Meaning


  • noun a disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to)
    geniality; amiability; amiableness; affableness; bonhomie.

More 'affability' Meaning


  • noun a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs
    baseball game.
    • he played baseball in high school
    • there was a baseball game on every empty lot
    • there was a desire for National League ball in the area
    • play ball!
  • noun a ball used in playing baseball

More 'baseball' Meaning


  • adverb in a marginal manner
    • marginally interesting

More 'marginally' Meaning


  • adverb not ever; at no time in the past or future
    • I have never been to China
    • I shall never forget this day
    • had never seen a circus
    • never on Sunday
    • I will never marry you!
  • adverb not at all; certainly not; not in any circumstances
    • never fear
    • bringing up children is never easy
    • that will never do
    • what is morally wrong can never be politically right

More 'never' Meaning


  • adverb with respect to science; in a scientific way
    • this is scientifically interesting

More 'scientifically' Meaning


  • adverb in the near future
    before long; shortly; presently.
    • the doctor will soon be here
    • the book will appear shortly
    • she will arrive presently
    • we should have news before long

More 'soon' Meaning


  • noun excavation in the earth from which ores and minerals are extracted
  • noun explosive device that explodes on contact; designed to destroy vehicles or ships or to kill or maim personnel

More 'mine' Meaning


  • noun an area in a town where a public mercantile establishment is set up
    market place; marketplace; market.

More 'mart' Meaning


  • adjective satellite containing ten or ten parts
    denary; ten-fold.
  • adverb by ten times as much
    • the population increased tenfold

More 'tenfold' Meaning


  • adverb as acknowledged
    admittedly; true; avowedly.
    • true, she is the smartest in her class

More 'confessedly' Meaning


An emphasized or reflexive form of the pronoun of the second person; -- used as a subject commonly with you; as, you yourself shall see it; also, alone in the predicate, either in the nominative or objective case; as, you have injured yourself.
Of which right now ye han yourselve heard. Chaucer.
If yourselves are old, make it your cause. Shak.
Why should you be so cruel to yourself ? Milton.
The religious movement which you yourself, as well as I, so faithfully followed from first to last. J. H. Newman.

More 'yourself' Meaning


  • adverb prior to a specified or implied time
    • she has already graduated

More 'already' Meaning


To; unto; towards; -- used of material objects. Chaucer.
Taverners until them told the same. Piers Plowman.
He roused himself full blithe, and hastened them until. Spenser.

More 'until' Meaning


  • adverb to a great extent or degree
    substantially; well.
    • I'm afraid the film was well over budget
    • painting the room white made it seem considerably (or substantially) larger
    • the house has fallen considerably in value
    • the price went up substantially

More 'considerably' Meaning


A West Indian island, giving its name to a disease, to a cherry, etc.

More 'barbados' Meaning


  • noun commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country
  • verb sell or transfer abroad
    • we export less than we import and have a negative trade balance

More 'export' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun writing in capital letters
  • noun an estimation of the value of a business

More 'capitalization' Meaning


  • noun the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100
    yard; G; thousand; grand; M; chiliad; one thousand; K; 1000.

More 'thou' Meaning


  • adverb in a statistically significant way
    • the two groups differed significantly
  • adverb in a significant manner
    • our budget will be significantly affected by these new cuts

More 'significantly' Meaning


  • adverb in the recent past
    late; latterly; of late; lately.
    • he was in Paris recently
    • lately the rules have been enforced
    • as late as yesterday she was fine
    • feeling better of late
    • the spelling was first affected, but latterly the meaning also

More 'recently' Meaning


  • noun the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991; the total market values of goods and services produced by workers and capital within a nation's borders during a given period (usually 1 year)
    gross domestic product.

More 'gdp' Meaning


  • noun a copy made by a xerographic printer
    xerox copy.
  • noun a duplicator (trade mark Xerox) that copies graphic matter by the action of light on an electrically charged photoconductive insulating surface in which the latent image is developed with a resinous powder
    Xerox machine; xerographic copier.

More 'xerox' Meaning


  • noun the group that gathers together for a particular occasion
    • a large turnout for the meeting
  • noun a part of a road that has been widened to allow cars to pass or park

More 'turnout' Meaning


  • noun a shallow area in a stream that can be forded
  • noun United States film maker (1896-1973)
    John Ford.

More 'ford' Meaning


  • noun any place of pain and turmoil;
    the pits; hellhole; snake pit; hell on earth; hell.
    • the hell of battle
    • the inferno of the engine room
    • when you're alone Christmas is the pits
  • noun a very intense and uncontrolled fire

More 'inferno' Meaning


  • noun a large-scale farming enterprise
    agribusiness; factory farm.
  • noun the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock
    farming; husbandry.

More 'agriculture' Meaning


  • adverb in actual fact
    • to be nominally but not actually independent
    • no one actually saw the shark
    • large meteorites actually come from the asteroid belt
  • adverb used to imply that one would expect the fact to be the opposite of that stated; surprisingly
    in reality.
    • you may actually be doing the right thing by walking out
    • she actually spoke Latin
    • they thought they made the rules but in reality they were only puppets
    • people who seem stand-offish are in reality often simply nervous

More 'actually' Meaning


(Paleon.) An extinct genus of Bryzoa characteristic of the subcarboniferous rocks. Its form is that of a screw.

More 'archimedes' Meaning


  • noun an industrial city of Japan in southern Honshu

More 'toyota' Meaning


The plural of himself, herself, and itself. See Himself, Herself, Itself.

More 'themselves' Meaning


  • adjective satellite just preceding something else in time or order
    • the previous owner
    • my old house was larger
  • adjective satellite (used especially of persons) of the immediate past
    late; former.
    • the former president
    • our late President is still very active
    • the previous occupant of the White House

More 'previous' Meaning


  • noun a canonical hour that is the ninth hour of the day counting from sunrise
  • noun a service in the Roman Catholic Church formerly read or chanted at 3 PM (the ninth hour counting from sunrise) but now somewhat earlier

More 'none' Meaning


One of the kings of Israel, noted for his superior wisdom and magnificent reign; hence, a very wise man. -- Sol`o*mon"ic a.

More 'solomon' Meaning


  • noun the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
    gross; receipts.
  • noun government income due to taxation
    tax revenue; taxation; tax income.

More 'revenue' Meaning


  • adverb in or to another place
    • he went elsewhere
    • look elsewhere for the answer

More 'elsewhere' Meaning


  • noun (often used with `pay') a formal expression of esteem
    • he paid his respects to the mayor
  • noun (usually preceded by `in') a detail or point
    respect; regard.
    • it differs in that respect

More 'respects' Meaning


  • noun any cognitive content held as true
  • noun a vague idea in which some confidence is placed
    impression; feeling; opinion; notion.
    • his impression of her was favorable
    • what are your feelings about the crisis?
    • it strengthened my belief in his sincerity
    • I had a feeling that she was lying

More 'belief' Meaning


  • noun former measure of the United States economy; the total market value of goods and services produced by all citizens and capital during a given period (usually 1 yr)
    gross national product.

More 'gnp' Meaning


  • adverb to a great extent or degree
    considerably; well.
    • I'm afraid the film was well over budget
    • painting the room white made it seem considerably (or substantially) larger
    • the house has fallen considerably in value
    • the price went up substantially
  • adverb in a strong substantial way
    • the house was substantially built

More 'substantially' Meaning


  • noun the act of enrolling
    enrolment; registration.
  • noun the body of people (such as students) who register or enroll at the same time

More 'enrollment' Meaning


  • noun a small pond of standing water
  • adjective satellite being nothing more than specified
    • a mere child

More 'mere' Meaning


  • noun income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time
    gross revenue; gross sales.
  • noun a particular instance of selling
    • he has just made his first sale
    • they had to complete the sale before the banks closed

More 'sales' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb to a small degree or extent
    somewhat; more or less.
    • his arguments were somewhat self-contradictory
    • the children argued because one slice of cake was slightly larger than the other
  • adverb in a slim or slender manner
    slimly; slenderly.
    • a slenderly built woman
    • slightly built

More 'slightly' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabian.
  • adjective of or relating to Saudi Arabia or its people
    • the Saudi-Arabian desert
    • the Saudi royal family

More 'saudi' Meaning


  • noun someone who expresses strong approval
    ratifier; endorser; indorser.
  • noun someone who contracts to receive and pay for a service or a certain number of issues of a publication

More 'subscriber' Meaning


  • noun a city in southern Quebec province on the Saint Lawrence River; the largest city in Quebec and 2nd largest in Canada; the 2nd largest French-speaking city in the world

More 'montreal' Meaning


  • noun a person who possesses great material wealth
    rich person; wealthy person.
  • verb have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense
    hold; have got.
    • She has $1,000 in the bank
    • He has got two beautiful daughters
    • She holds a Master's degree from Harvard

More 'have' Meaning


  • noun commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country
  • noun an imported person brought from a foreign country
    • the lead role was played by an import from Sweden
    • they are descendants of indentured importees

More 'import' Meaning


  • noun high level of respect gained by impressive development or achievement
    • a man of great stature
  • noun (of a standing person) the distance from head to foot

More 'stature' Meaning


  • noun the capital and largest city of Greece; named after Athena (its patron goddess)
    Greek capital; Athinai; capital of Greece.
    • in the 5th century BC ancient Athens was the world's most powerful and civilized city
  • noun a town in southeast Ohio

More 'athens' Meaning


  • adverb to an ample degree or in an ample manner
    • these voices were amply represented
    • we benefited richly
  • adverb sufficiently; more than adequately
    • the evidence amply (or fully) confirms our suspicions
    • they were fully (or amply) fed

More 'amply' Meaning


  • adverb without question and beyond doubt
    decidedly; emphatically; in spades; unquestionably; by all odds.
    • it was decidedly too expensive
    • she told him off in spades
    • by all odds they should win

More 'definitely' Meaning


  • noun a linear unit of the size of type slightly larger than an em
  • noun a Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC)
    Tully; Marcus Tullius Cicero.

More 'cicero' Meaning


  • adverb without effort or apparent effort
    • she danced gracefully and effortlessly
    • swallows gliding effortlessly through the air

More 'effortlessly' Meaning


  • noun the executive and legislative and judicial branches of the federal government of the United States
    United States government; United States; US Government; U.S. government.
  • noun North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776
    USA; the States; U.S.A.; United States; US; United States of America; America.

More 'u.s.' Meaning


  • noun any location known for vice and corruption
  • noun (Old Testament) an ancient city near the Dead Sea that (along with Gomorrah) was destroyed by God for the wickedness of its inhabitants

More 'sodom' Meaning


  • noun the undulating movement of the surface of the open sea
    crestless wave.
  • noun a rounded elevation (especially one on an ocean floor)

More 'swell' Meaning

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