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  • noun a level tract of land
    • the salt flats of Utah
  • noun a shallow box in which seedlings are started

More 'flat' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


Of of pertaining to Maples in Italy. -- n. A native or citizen of Naples.

More 'neapolitan' Meaning


  • noun a deep orange-red variety of chalcedony
    sardine; sard.

More 'sardius' Meaning


  • adjective satellite added to or made greater in amount or number or strength
    • his augmented renown
    • a greatly augmented collection of books
  • verb enlarge or increase
    • The recent speech of the president augmented tensions in the Near East

More 'augmented' Meaning


  • noun a short introductory essay preceding the text of a book
    foreword; preface.
  • noun exercising in preparation for strenuous activity
    warm-up; tune-up.

More 'prolusion' Meaning


  • adjective satellite arranged in a sequence of grades or ranks
    graded; stratified.
    • stratified areas of the distribution
  • verb take or have a position relative to others
    • This painting ranks among the best in the Western World

More 'ranked' Meaning


(Gr. Antiq.) The period during which the presidency of the senate belonged to the prytanes of the section.

More 'prytany' Meaning


A book consisting of sheets each of which is folded into six leaves.

More 'sexto' Meaning


  • noun the first of two or the first mentioned of two
    • Tom and Dick were both heroes but only the former is remembered today
  • adjective referring to the first of two things or persons mentioned (or the earlier one or ones of several); I prefer the former version to the latter one"
    • the novel was made into a film in 1943 and again in 1967

More 'former' Meaning


  • noun failure to reach a minimum required performance
    • his failing the course led to his disqualification
    • he got two flunks on his report
  • verb fail to get a passing grade
    fail; flush it; bomb.
    • She studied hard but failed nevertheless
    • Did I fail the test?

More 'flunk' Meaning


  • noun nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate
  • noun (baseball) a turn trying to get a hit
    • he was at bat when it happened
    • he got four hits in four at-bats

More 'bat' Meaning


  • noun a member of the Lubavitch movement; a follower of Chabad Hasidism

More 'lubavitcher' Meaning


  • noun the cardinal number that is the sum of eight and one
    IX; niner; Nina from Carolina; nine; 9.

More 'ennead' Meaning


  • adjective satellite suggesting the operation of supernatural influences
    weird; eldritch; unearthly.
    • an eldritch screech
    • the three weird sisters
    • stumps...had uncanny shapes as of monstrous creatures"- John Galsworthy
    • an unearthly light
    • he could hear the unearthly scream of some curlew piercing the din"- Henry Kingsley
  • adjective satellite surpassing the ordinary or normal
    • Beyond his preternatural affability there is some acid and some steel" - George Will
    • his uncanny sense of direction

More 'uncanny' Meaning


  • noun (baseball) one of nine divisions of play during which each team has a turn at bat

More 'inning' Meaning


  • verb become crude or savage or barbaric in behavior or language
  • verb make crude or savage in behavior or speech
    • his years in prison have barbarized the young man

More 'barbarize' Meaning


  • noun something inverted in sequence or character or effect
    • when the direct approach failed he tried the inverse
  • adjective satellite reversed (turned backward) in order or nature or effect

More 'inverse' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


A subdivision of a department. France ✍ The territory of France, since the revolution, has been divided into departments, those into arrondissements, those into cantons, and the latter into communes.

More 'arrondissement' Meaning


  • adjective satellite not capable of being precisely or readily described; not easily put into words
    • an indefinable feeling of terror
    • an abstract concept that seems indefinable
  • adjective satellite defying expression or description
    indescribable; ineffable; untellable; unutterable; unspeakable.
    • indefinable yearnings
    • indescribable beauty
    • ineffable ecstasy
    • inexpressible anguish
    • unspeakable happiness
    • unutterable contempt
    • a thing of untellable splendor

More 'indefinable' Meaning


  • adjective relating to or divided into hundredths
  • adjective satellite the ordinal number of one hundred in counting order
    100th; hundredth.

More 'centesimal' Meaning


  • noun a row or line of people (especially soldiers or police) standing abreast of one another
    • the entrance was guarded by ranks of policemen
  • noun relative status
    • his salary was determined by his rank and seniority

More 'rank' Meaning


  • noun a 15-year cycle used as a chronological unit in ancient Rome and adopted in some medieval kingdoms

More 'indiction' Meaning


  • adjective satellite having a day or month inserted to make the calendar year correspond to the solar year: "Feb. 29 is an intercalary day"
    • a leap year is an intercalary year

More 'intercalary' Meaning


  • noun a short poem descriptive of rural or pastoral life
    bucolic; idyll; idyl.

More 'eclogue' Meaning


  • noun position on a scale in relation to others in a sport
  • verb take or have a position relative to others
    • This painting ranks among the best in the Western World

More 'ranking' Meaning


  • adjective satellite concerned with promoting unity among churches or religions
    ecumenic; oecumenic; ecumenical.
    • ecumenical thinking
    • ecumenical activities
    • the ecumenical movement
  • adjective satellite of worldwide scope or applicability
    worldwide; cosmopolitan; universal; ecumenical; general; world-wide.
    • an issue of cosmopolitan import
    • the shrewdest political and ecumenical comment of our time"- Christopher Morley
    • universal experience

More 'oecumenical' Meaning


  • noun a young person of either sex
    tiddler; nipper; tyke; small fry; nestling; youngster; child; fry; shaver; tike; kid.
    • she writes books for children
    • they're just kids
    • `tiddler' is a British term for youngster
  • adjective of lesser importance or stature or rank
    • a minor poet
    • had a minor part in the play
    • a minor official
    • many of these hardy adventurers were minor noblemen
    • minor back roads

More 'minor' Meaning


(Hist.) Descended from Fatima, the daughter and only child of Mohammed. -- n. A descendant of Fatima.

More 'fatimite' Meaning


  • noun a decorative texture or appearance of a surface (or the substance that gives it that appearance)
    finish; coating.
    • the boat had a metallic finish
    • he applied a coat of a clear finish
    • when the finish is too thin it is difficult to apply evenly
  • noun the act of finishing
    • his best finish in a major tournament was third
    • the speaker's finishing was greeted with applause

More 'finishing' Meaning


Of or pertaining to the reign of a monarch; as, regnal years.

More 'regnal' Meaning


  • adjective satellite having identical parts on each side of an axis
    bilaterally symmetric; bilaterally symmetrical; isobilateral.
  • adjective satellite affecting or undertaken by two parties
    • a bilateral agreement between the United States and Japan

More 'bilateral' Meaning


  • noun important Russian composer whose works are noted for their expressive melodies (1840-1893)
    Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky; Peter Tchaikovsky; Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky; Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

More 'tchaikovsky' Meaning


  • noun a translucent red or orange variety of chalcedony

More 'carnelian' Meaning


  • adjective being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time
    • late evening
    • late 18th century
    • a late movie
    • took a late flight
    • had a late breakfast
  • adjective satellite after the expected or usual time; delayed
    tardy; belated.
    • a belated birthday card
    • I'm late for the plane
    • the train is late
    • tardy children are sent to the principal
    • always tardy in making dental appointments

More 'late' Meaning


(Greek Antig.) A period of four years, by which the ancient Greeks reckoned time, being the interval from one celebration of the Olympic games to another, beginning with the victory of Cor&oe;bus in the foot race, which took place in the year 776 b.c.; as, the era of the olympiads.

More 'olympiad' Meaning


  • adjective satellite having been flattened
  • verb make flat or flatter
    • flatten a road
    • flatten your stomach with these exercises

More 'flattened' Meaning


(Zoöl.) The dorsal portion of an arthromere or somite of an articulate animal. See Illust. under Coleoptera.

More 'tergite' Meaning


  • noun a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)
    alum; alumna; grad; alumnus.
  • noun a measuring instrument for measuring fluid volume; a glass container (cup or cylinder or flask) whose sides are marked with or divided into amounts

More 'graduate' Meaning


  • noun something that is commanded
  • noun a doctrine that is taught
    precept; teaching.
    • the teachings of religion
    • he believed all the Christian precepts

More 'commandment' Meaning


  • noun (baseball) the batter's attempt to get on base
  • noun stuffing made of rolls or sheets of cotton wool or synthetic fiber

More 'batting' Meaning


(Ethnol.) A collective name for the Indians of Nicaragua and Honduras.

More 'palenque' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a whetstone made of fine gritstone; used for sharpening razors
  • verb sharpen with a hone
    • hone a knife

More 'hone' Meaning


  • noun (statistics) any of nine points that divided a distribution of ranked scores into equal intervals where each interval contains one-tenth of the scores

More 'decile' Meaning


  • adjective (of materials or goods) brought to the desired final state
    • a finished product
  • verb come or bring to a finish or an end; others finished in over 4 hours"
    finish; complete.
    • He finished the dishes
    • She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree
    • The fastest runner finished the race in just over 2 hours

More 'finished' Meaning


  • noun muscles between the ribs; they contract during inspiration
    intercostal muscle; musculus intercostalis.
  • adjective located or occurring between the ribs
    • intercostal muscles

More 'intercostal' Meaning


  • adjective satellite denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere
    • occidental civilization
    • Hesperian culture
  • noun a native inhabitant of the Occident

More 'occidental' Meaning


  • adjective based on the standard major or minor scales consisting of 5 tones and 2 semitones without modulation by accidentals
  • adjective satellite based on or using the five tones and two semitones of the major or minor scales of western music

More 'diatonic' Meaning


  • adjective consisting of or causing a climax
    • a climactic development

More 'climactic' Meaning


(Zoöl.) The class of Vertebrata that includes the birds. Aves, or birds, have a complete double circulation, oviparous, reproduction, front limbs peculiarly modified as wings; and they bear feathers. All existing birds have a horny beak, without teeth; but some Mesozoic fossil birds (Odontornithes) had conical teeth inserted in both jaws. The principal groups are: Carinatæ, including all existing flying birds; Ratitæ, including the ostrich and allies, the apteryx, and the extinct moas; Odontornithes, or fossil birds with teeth. The ordinary birds are classified largely by the structure of the beak and feet, which are in direct relating to their habits. See Beak, Bird, Odontonithes.

More 'aves' Meaning


  • noun Austrian composer and conductor (1860-1911)
    Gustav Mahler.

More 'mahler' Meaning


  • adjective satellite celebrated in fable or legend
    • the fabled Paul Bunyan and his blue ox
    • legendary exploits of Jesse James

More 'fabled' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music
  • noun a major division of a long poem

More 'canto' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adjective at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time
    • early morning
    • an early warning
    • early diagnosis
    • an early death
    • took early retirement
    • an early spring
    • early varieties of peas and tomatoes mature before most standard varieties
  • adjective being or occurring at an early stage of development
    • in an early stage
    • early forms of life
    • early man
    • an early computer

More 'early' Meaning


  • noun a state of supreme happiness
    blessedness; beatification.
  • noun one of the eight sayings of Jesus at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount; in Latin each saying begins with `beatus' (blessed)
    • her favorite Beatitude is `Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth'

More 'beatitude' Meaning


  • noun a quantity of liquor equal to one fifth of a United States gallon
  • noun position five in a countable series of things
    • he was fifth out of several hundred runners

More 'fifth' Meaning


  • noun a defeat in a game where one side fails to score

More 'shutout' Meaning


  • adjective satellite confined on all sides
    • a camp surrounded by enemies
    • the encircled pioneers
  • verb form a circle around
    encircle; circle.
    • encircle the errors

More 'encircled' Meaning


  • noun (botany) a plant having a life cycle that normally takes two seasons from germination to death to complete; flowering biennials usually bloom and fruit in the second season
  • adjective having a life cycle lasting two seasons
    • a biennial life cycle
    • parsnips and carrots are biennial plants often grown as annuals

More 'biennial' Meaning


  • verb annoy persistently
    badger; pester; bug; tease.
    • The children teased the boy because of his stammer
  • verb surround so as to force to give up
    circumvent; hem in; surround; besiege.
    • The Turks besieged Vienna

More 'beleaguer' Meaning


A quantity sufficient to fill a ladle.

More 'ladleful' Meaning


  • adjective satellite not fully developed in mature animals
    • rudimentary wings

More 'vestigial' Meaning


  • noun an English pirate who operated in the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of North America (died in 1718)
    Thatch; Edward Teach; Edward Thatch; Blackbeard.
  • verb impart skills or knowledge to
    instruct; learn.
    • I taught them French
    • He instructed me in building a boat

More 'teach' Meaning


  • noun an insect or other arthropod between molts

More 'instar' Meaning


  • noun a decorative texture or appearance of a surface (or the substance that gives it that appearance)
    finishing; coating.
    • the boat had a metallic finish
    • he applied a coat of a clear finish
    • when the finish is too thin it is difficult to apply evenly
  • noun the temporal end; the concluding time
    last; finis; finale; close; stopping point; conclusion.
    • the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell
    • the market was up at the finish
    • they were playing better at the close of the season

More 'finish' Meaning


  • adjective satellite of the relatively near future
    coming; forthcoming; approaching.
    • the approaching election
    • this coming Thursday
    • the forthcoming holidays
    • the upcoming spring fashions

More 'upcoming' Meaning


Occurring once in five years, or at the end of every five years; also, lasting five years. A quinquennial event.

More 'quinquennial' Meaning


Of or pertaining to the ancient Greeks of Doris; Doric; as, a Dorian fashion.

More 'dorian' Meaning


  • noun title for the heads of the Eastern Orthodox Churches (in Istanbul and Alexandria and Moscow and Jerusalem)
  • noun the male head of family or tribe

More 'patriarch' Meaning


  • adjective satellite not up to expectations
    unsatisfying; dissatisfactory.
    • a disappointing performance from one who had seemed so promising
  • verb fail to meet the hopes or expectations of
    disappoint; let down.
    • Her boyfriend let her down when he did not propose marriage

More 'disappointing' Meaning


  • noun one of a series of similar body segments into which some animals are divided longitudinally

More 'somite' Meaning


  • adjective satellite relevant and appropriate
    • he asks questions that are germane and central to the issue

More 'germane' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adjective below the surround or below the normal position
    • with lowered eyes
  • verb move something or somebody to a lower position
    take down; lower; get down; let down; bring down.
    • take down the vase from the shelf

More 'lowered' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a person serving no apparent function
    • reducing staff is difficult because our employees include no supernumeraries
  • noun a minor actor in crowd scenes
    spear carrier; extra.

More 'supernumerary' Meaning


  • noun a pronouncement encouraging or banning some activity
    • the boss loves to send us directives
  • adjective satellite showing the way by conducting or leading; imposing direction on
    directing; guiding; directional.
    • felt his mother's directing arm around him
    • the directional role of science on industrial progress

More 'directive' Meaning


  • adjective satellite being five more than one hundred fifty
    clv; one hundred fifty-five.

More '155' Meaning


  • noun Belgian chemist who developed the Solvay process and built factories exploiting it (1838-1922)
    Ernest Solvay.

More 'solvay' Meaning


  • adjective satellite used in combination to denote the middle
    • midmorning
    • midsummer
    • in mid-1958
    • a mid-June wedding

More 'mid' Meaning


  • noun a document ordering the payment of money; drawn by one person or bank on another
    order of payment; bill of exchange.
  • noun a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)

More 'draft' Meaning


  • noun a commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines; below lieutenant colonel and above captain
  • noun British statesman who was prime minister from 1990 until 1997 (born in 1943)
    John Roy Major; John Major; John R. Major.

More 'major' Meaning


  • noun a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)
    ampul; ampoule; ampule; phial.

More 'vial' Meaning


  • adjective satellite not parted by conflict of opinion
    • presented an undivided front
  • adjective satellite not shared by or among others
    • undivided responsibility

More 'undivided' Meaning


Of or pertaining to Nemea, in Argolis, where the ancient Greeks celebrated games, and Hercules killed a lion.

More 'nemean' Meaning


  • adjective coming down or downward
  • verb move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way
    go down; descend; come down; fall.
    • The temperature is going down
    • The barometer is falling
    • The curtain fell on the diva
    • Her hand went up and then fell again

More 'descending' Meaning


  • adjective of or relating to the cranium which encloses the brain
    • cranial pressure

More 'cranial' Meaning


  • adjective (of the more skilled contestants) selectively arranged in the draw for position in a tournament so that they meet each other in later rounds
  • verb go to seed; shed seeds
    • The dandelions went to seed

More 'seeded' Meaning


  • noun a period of five years
  • noun a ceremonial purification of the Roman population every five years following the census

More 'lustrum' Meaning


  • adjective marked with or divided into degrees
    • a calibrated thermometer
  • verb receive an academic degree upon completion of one's studies
    • She graduated in 1990

More 'graduated' Meaning


  • noun the 300th anniversary (or the celebration of it)
    tercentennial; tercentenary.
  • adjective satellite occurring every third year or lasting 3 years

More 'triennial' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun the act of amending or correcting
  • noun a statement that is added to or revises or improves a proposal or document (a bill or constitution etc.)

More 'amendment' Meaning


  • adjective satellite so celebrated as to having taken on the nature of a legend
    • the legendary exploits of the arctic trailblazers
  • adjective satellite celebrated in fable or legend
    • the fabled Paul Bunyan and his blue ox
    • legendary exploits of Jesse James

More 'legendary' Meaning


  • noun a long and complex sonata for symphony orchestra
    symphonic music.
  • noun a large orchestra; can perform symphonies
    symphony orchestra; philharmonic.
    • we heard the Vienna symphony

More 'symphony' Meaning


  • noun a decorative texture or appearance of a surface (or the substance that gives it that appearance)
    finishing; coating.
    • the boat had a metallic finish
    • he applied a coat of a clear finish
    • when the finish is too thin it is difficult to apply evenly
  • noun the temporal end; the concluding time
    last; finis; finale; close; stopping point; conclusion.
    • the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell
    • the market was up at the finish
    • they were playing better at the close of the season

More 'finish' Meaning


The act of triturating, or reducing to a fine or impalpable powder by grinding, rubbing, bruising, etc. Paley.

More 'trituration' Meaning


  • adjective on or relating to the opposite side (of the body)

More 'contralateral' Meaning


(Scandinavian Myth.) The evil deity, the author of all calamities and mischief, answering to the African of the Persians.

More 'lok' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun the act of changing location in an upward direction
    ascension; rise; ascent.
  • verb travel up, "We ascended the mountain"
    ascend; go up.
    • go up a ladder
    • The mountaineers slowly ascended the steep slope

More 'ascending' Meaning


  • noun an anniversary of the day on which a person was born (or the celebration of it)
  • noun the date on which a person was born
    natal day.

More 'birthday' Meaning

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