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  • noun a loud low dull continuous noise
    rumble; rumbling; grumble.
    • they heard the rumbling of thunder
  • noun a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone
    murmuring; grumble; muttering; mutter; murmur.

More 'grumbling' Meaning


  • adverb in an unquestioning manner
    • he followed his leader unquestioningly

More 'unquestioningly' Meaning


  • noun caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets
    toffy; toffee.
  • adjective satellite having little elasticity; hence easily cracked or fractured or snapped
    brickle; brickly.
    • brittle bones
    • glass is brittle
    • `brickle' and `brickly' are dialectal

More 'brittle' Meaning


  • adverb without grace; rigidly
    ungraciously; ungracefully; gracelessly.
    • they moved woodenly

More 'woodenly' Meaning


and adv. Above. Scot. & Prov. Eng.
Aboon the pass of Bally-Brough. Sir W. Scott.
The ceiling fair that rose aboon. J. R. Drake.

More 'aboon' Meaning


  • adverb at the proper time
    • she was duly apprised of the raise

More 'punctually' Meaning


  • adjective willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed
    • the docile masses of an enslaved nation
  • adjective satellite ready and willing to be taught
    • docile pupils eager for instruction
    • teachable youngsters

More 'docile' Meaning


  • noun a shaky motion
    quiver; quivering; vibration; palpitation; shakiness; shaking.
    • the shaking of his fingers as he lit his pipe
  • verb move or jerk quickly and involuntarily up and down or sideways
    • His hands were trembling when he signed the document

More 'trembling' Meaning


  • adverb in a submissive or spiritless manner
    • meekly bowed to his wishes
  • adverb in a humble manner
    • he humbly lowered his head

More 'meekly' Meaning


  • adverb in a numb manner; without feeling
    • I stared at him numbly

More 'numbly' Meaning


  • adverb in a servile manner
    • he always acts so deferentially around his supervisor

More 'submissively' Meaning


  • adverb in a punctilious manner
    • he launched into a long history of the birth of communism, giving credit punctiliously to the work of Marx and Engels

More 'punctiliously' Meaning


  • adverb out of a sense of duty; in a dutiful manner
    • he dutifully visited his mother every Sunday

More 'dutifully' Meaning


  • adverb in a mechanical manner; by a mechanism
    • this door opens mechanically
  • adverb in a machinelike manner; without feeling
    • he smiled mechanically

More 'mechanically' Meaning


  • adverb without speaking
    mutely; taciturnly; silently.
    • he sat mutely next to her

More 'wordlessly' Meaning


  • adjective satellite having a red face from embarrassment or shame or agitation or emotional upset
    red-faced; blushful.
    • the blushing boy was brought before the Principal
    • her blushful beau
    • was red-faced with anger
  • verb turn red, as if in embarrassment or shame
    crimson; blush; redden; flush.
    • The girl blushed when a young man whistled as she walked by

More 'blushing' Meaning


  • adverb in a sullen manner
    glumly; dourly.
    • he sat in his chair dourly

More 'sullenly' Meaning


  • adverb in a relaxed manner; not rigid
    • his hands lay loosely

More 'slackly' Meaning


  • adverb without seeing or looking
    • he felt around his desk blindly
  • adverb without preparation or reflection; without a rational basis
    • they bought the car blindly
    • he picked a wife blindly

More 'blindly' Meaning


  • adverb in a slavish manner
    • his followers slavishly believed in his new diet

More 'slavishly' Meaning


  • adverb in an unwilling manner
    • he had sinned against her unwillingly

More 'unwillingly' Meaning


  • adverb in an obsequious manner
    servilely; subserviently.
    • she acts obsequiously toward her boss

More 'obsequiously' Meaning


  • adverb not subject to a condition
    • he accepted the offer unconditionally
  • adverb in an unqualified manner
    categorically; flatly.
    • he flatly denied the charges

More 'unconditionally' Meaning


  • adverb with extreme conscientiousness
    conscientiously; religiously.
    • he came religiously every morning at 8 o'clock

More 'scrupulously' Meaning


  • adverb in a curious and questioning manner
    • they turned their heads questioningly, as if awaiting further instructions

More 'wonderingly' Meaning


  • adverb in an obsequious manner
    obsequiously; subserviently.
    • she acts obsequiously toward her boss

More 'servilely' Meaning


  • adverb without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening
    straightaway; forthwith; like a shot; at once; straight off; directly; right away; immediately; now.
    • he answered immediately
    • found an answer straightaway
    • an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith
    • Come here now!
  • adverb without any delay
    instantaneously; in a flash; outright.
    • he was killed outright

More 'instantly' Meaning


  • adverb without suspicions
    • he was sitting unsuspectingly beyond that wall only a few yards from the burglar

More 'unsuspectingly' Meaning


  • adverb without doubting or questioning
    • I implicitly trust him
  • adverb without ever expressing so clearly
    • he implicitly assumes that you know the answer

More 'implicitly' Meaning


  • adverb in mentally perceptive and responsive way
    • she got through the day alertly, despite being on drugs

More 'alertly' Meaning


  • adverb with loyalty; in a loyal manner
    • government will not be efficient unless the people as a whole accept leadership loyally and enthusiastically

More 'loyally' Meaning


  • adverb without intellectual involvement
    • all day long, he mindlessly filled out forms
  • adverb in an unreasonably senseless manner
    • these temples were mindlessly destroyed by the Red Guards

More 'mindlessly' Meaning


  • noun (often plural) a command given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed
    • the British ships dropped anchor and waited for orders from London
  • noun a degree in a continuum of size or quantity
    order of magnitude.
    • it was on the order of a mile
    • an explosion of a low order of magnitude

More 'order' Meaning


  • adverb without speaking
    taciturnly; wordlessly; silently.
    • he sat mutely next to her

More 'mutely' Meaning


  • adverb in a sulky manner
    • `What else could I do?' said Graham sulkily

More 'sulkily' Meaning


  • adverb in a grudging manner
    • he grudgingly agreed to have a drink in a hotel close by

More 'grudgingly' Meaning


  • adverb in a thoughtless manner
    thoughtlessly; unthinking.
    • he stared thoughtlessly at the picture

More 'unthinkingly' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


(Zoöl.) A wether sheep between one and two years old. Scot.

More 'dinmont' Meaning


  • adverb without hesitation
    • she said yes unhesitatingly

More 'unhesitatingly' Meaning


  • adverb with little or no delay
    quick; quickly.
    • the rescue squad arrived promptly
    • come here, quick!
  • adverb in a punctual manner
    pronto; readily.
    • he did his homework promptly

More 'promptly' Meaning


  • adverb in a stupid manner
    obtusely; densely.
    • he had so rapaciously desired and so obtusely expected to find her alone
  • adverb in an inarticulate manner
    • I nodded dumbly and he slit the envelope

More 'dumbly' Meaning


  • adverb in a joyous and gleeful manner
    joyously; gleefully.
    • the old man had greeted her gleefully

More 'joyfully' Meaning


  • adverb in a willing manner
    • I willingly accept

More 'willingly' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac; according to Genesis, God promised to give Abraham's family (the Hebrews) the land of Canaan (the Promised Land); God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son
    • Judaism, Christianity, and Islam each has a special claim on Abraham

More 'abraham' Meaning


  • adverb without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening
    straightaway; like a shot; at once; straight off; directly; right away; immediately; now; instantly.
    • he answered immediately
    • found an answer straightaway
    • an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith
    • Come here now!

More 'forthwith' Meaning


  • adverb in a cheerful manner
    • he cheerfully agreed to do it

More 'cheerfully' Meaning


  • adverb without speed (`slow' is sometimes used informally for `slowly')
    slow; slowly; easy.
    • he spoke slowly
    • go easy here--the road is slippery
    • glaciers move tardily
    • please go slow so I can see the sights
  • adverb later than usual or than expected
    late; belatedly.
    • the train arrived late
    • we awoke late
    • the children came late to school
    • notice came so tardily that we almost missed the deadline
    • I belatedly wished her a happy birthday

More 'tardily' Meaning


  • adverb without speaking
    mutely; taciturnly; wordlessly.
    • he sat mutely next to her

More 'silently' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb in a listless manner
    • they shook hands rather listlessly

More 'listlessly' Meaning


  • adverb as a matter of instinct
    • he instinctively grabbed the knife

More 'instinctively' Meaning


  • adverb in a faithful manner
    dependably; reliably.
    • it always came on, faithfully, like the radio

More 'faithfully' Meaning


  • adjective satellite failing in what duty requires
    neglectful; derelict; delinquent.
    • derelict (or delinquent) in his duty
    • neglectful of his duties
    • remiss of you not to pay your bills

More 'remiss' Meaning


  • adverb according to habit or custom
    • her habitually severe expression
    • he habitually keeps his office door closed

More 'habitually' Meaning


  • noun a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it
    instruction manual; book of instructions; operating instructions.
  • noun a message describing how something is to be done
    direction; instruction.
    • he gave directions faster than she could follow them

More 'instructions' Meaning


  • adverb in a willing manner
    fain; lief.
    • this was gladly agreed to
    • I would fain do it

More 'gladly' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb in a clever manner
    • they were cleverly arranged
    • a smartly managed business
  • adverb with vigor; in a vigorous manner
    • he defended his ideas vigorously

More 'smartly' Meaning


  • noun a habitual liar (after a New Testament character who was struck dead for lying)

More 'ananias' Meaning


The name of the Supreme Being, in use among the Arabs and the Mohammedans generally.

More 'allah' Meaning


  • adverb by religion
    • religiously inspired art

More 'sacredly' Meaning


  • noun a catch for locking a door
  • noun a sharp curve or crook; a shape resembling a hook

More 'hook' Meaning


  • adverb without reserve; without reservation
    • he adopted wholeheartedly some of the policies that he had previously criticized

More 'wholeheartedly' Meaning


  • noun German astronomer who first stated laws of planetary motion (1571-1630)
    Johan Kepler; Johannes Kepler.

More 'kepler' Meaning


  • adverb by religion
    • religiously inspired art
  • adverb with extreme conscientiousness
    conscientiously; scrupulously.
    • he came religiously every morning at 8 o'clock

More 'religiously' Meaning


  • noun an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
    bid; dictation; bidding.
  • noun a military unit or region under the control of a single officer

More 'command' Meaning


  • adverb in a reflex manner
    • he answered automatically
  • adverb in a mechanical manner; by a mechanism
    • this door opens mechanically

More 'automatically' Meaning


  • noun a person believed to bring bad luck to those around him
  • noun (Old Testament) Jonah did not wish to become a prophet so God caused a great storm to throw him overboard from a ship; he was saved by being swallowed by a whale that vomited him out onto dry land

More 'jonah' Meaning


  • adverb in a sheepish manner
    • sheepishly he handed her back the money

More 'sheepishly' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
    deity; divinity; immortal.
  • noun the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions
    Supreme Being.

More 'god' Meaning


On or at the outside of; out of; not within; as, without doors.
Without the gate Some drive the cars, and some the coursers rein. Dryden.

More 'without' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb in a rigorous manner
    • he had been trained rigorously by the monks

More 'rigorously' Meaning


  • adverb without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening
    straightaway; forthwith; like a shot; at once; straight off; directly; right away; now; instantly.
    • he answered immediately
    • found an answer straightaway
    • an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith
    • Come here now!
  • adverb near or close by
    • he passed immediately behind her

More 'immediately' Meaning


  • adverb incapable of being resisted
    overpoweringly; overwhelmingly.
    • the candy looked overwhelmingly desirable to the dieting man

More 'irresistibly' Meaning


  • adverb in a literal sense
    • literally translated
    • he said so literally
  • adverb (intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration
    • our eyes were literally pinned to TV during the Gulf War

More 'literally' Meaning


  • adverb restricted to something
    • we talked strictly business
  • adverb in a stringent manner
    • the laws are stringently enforced
    • stringently controlled

More 'strictly' Meaning


  • noun supreme Teutonic god; counterpart of Norse Odin and Anglo-Saxon Woden

More 'wotan' Meaning


  • noun someone who rides the near horse of a pair in order to guide the horses pulling a carriage (especially a carriage without a coachman)

More 'postilion' Meaning


  • noun failure to adhere to moral principles
    • forgave us our sins and cleansed us of all unrighteousness

More 'unrighteousness' Meaning


  • noun a unit of electrical resistance equal to the resistance between two points on a conductor when a potential difference of one volt between them produces a current of one ampere
  • noun German physicist who formulated Ohm's law (1787-1854)
    Georg Simon Ohm.

More 'ohm' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb in a rigid manner
    stiffly; bolt.
    • the body was rigidly erect
    • he sat bolt upright

More 'rigidly' Meaning


The grand adversary of man; The Devil, or Prince of darkness; the chief of the fallen angels; the archfiend.
I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Luke x. 18.

More 'satan' Meaning


  • noun a name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH
    Jehovah; Yahveh; Jahvey; JHVH; YHVH; YHWH; Jahweh; Yahve; Wahvey; Yahwe.

More 'yahweh' Meaning


  • adverb with reverence; in a reverent manner
    • he gazed reverently at the handiwork

More 'reverently' Meaning


  • adverb out of your own free will
    • he voluntarily submitted to the fingerprinting

More 'voluntarily' Meaning


  • adverb with extreme conscientiousness
    scrupulously; religiously.
    • he came religiously every morning at 8 o'clock

More 'conscientiously' Meaning


  • noun Indian physicist who with Albert Einstein proposed statistical laws based on the indistinguishability of particles; led to the description of fundamental particles that later came to be known as bosons
    Satyendra Nath Bose; Satyendra N. Bose.

More 'bose' Meaning


  • adverb without grace; rigidly
    woodenly; ungracefully; gracelessly.
    • they moved woodenly

More 'ungraciously' Meaning


  • adjective satellite not inclined to ask questions
  • adjective satellite being without doubt or reserve
    • implicit trust

More 'unquestioning' Meaning


  • adverb in a constant and steadfast manner
    • an unswervingly loyal man
  • adverb without swerving; in a direct and unswerving manner
    • the ship travelled unswervingly through the night

More 'unswervingly' Meaning


  • adverb with eagerness; in an eager manner
    • the news was eagerly awaited

More 'eagerly' Meaning


  • adverb in an officious manner
    • nothing so fatal as to strive too officiously for an abstract quality like beauty

More 'officiously' Meaning


A large flatboat, used in the West Indies for taking freight from shore to ship.

More 'moses' Meaning


  • adverb with regret (used in polite formulas)
    • I must regretfully decline your kind invitation

More 'regretfully' Meaning


  • noun the person who steers a ship
    steerer; steersman.

More 'helmsman' Meaning


  • noun the mother-in-law of Ruth whose story is told in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament

More 'naomi' Meaning


  • noun a person who possesses great material wealth
    rich person; wealthy person.
  • verb have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense
    hold; have got.
    • She has $1,000 in the bank
    • He has got two beautiful daughters
    • She holds a Master's degree from Harvard

More 'have' Meaning


  • adverb with smiles; in a smiling manner
    • the girl reminded her smilingly of their childhood spent together

More 'smilingly' Meaning


  • adverb in a humble manner
    • he humbly lowered his head
  • adverb in a miserly manner
    • they lived meanly and without ostentation

More 'humbly' Meaning


  • adverb in a thoughtless manner
    unthinkingly; unthinking.
    • he stared thoughtlessly at the picture
  • adverb showing thoughtlessness
    • he treated his parents thoughtlessly

More 'thoughtlessly' Meaning


  • noun Augustinian monk and botanist whose experiments in breeding garden peas led to his eventual recognition as founder of the science of genetics (1822-1884)
    Gregor Mendel; Johann Mendel.

More 'mendel' Meaning


  • adverb in an obedient manner
    • obediently she slipped off her right shoe and stocking

More 'obediently' Meaning


  • adjective satellite (usually followed by `of') without due thought or consideration
    • careless of the consequences
    • crushing the blooms with regardless tread
  • adverb in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks
    irrespective; disregarding; no matter; disregardless.
    • he carried on regardless of the difficulties

More 'regardless' Meaning


  • adverb without any delay
    in a flash; outright; instantly.
    • he was killed outright

More 'instantaneously' Meaning


  • adverb in a zealous manner
    • she worked zealously to raise funds for the literacy project

More 'zealously' Meaning


  • adverb in a generous and ungrudging manner
    • he ungrudgingly agreed to pay for everybody's dinner when the guests found themselves without cash

More 'ungrudgingly' Meaning


  • adverb in a consecutive manner
    • we numbered the papers consecutively

More 'sequentially' Meaning


  • adverb in a tame manner
    • the labour movement allowed itself to be run out of power tamely

More 'tamely' Meaning


The Savior; the name of the Son of God as announced by the angel to his parents; the personal name of Our Lord, in distinction from Christ, his official appellation. Luke i. 31.
Thou shalt call his name Jesus; for he shall save his people from their sins. Matt. i. 21.
✍The form Jesu is often used, esp. in the vocative.
Jesu, do thou my soul receive. Keble.

More 'jesus' Meaning

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