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(Moham. Myth.) A powerful evil jinnee, demon, or monstrous giant.

More 'afrit' Meaning


  • adverb with a soft sound
    • the branches of the trees moved soughingly in the breeze

More 'soughingly' Meaning


  • noun the music of Chopin
    • he practiced Chopin day and night
  • noun United States writer who described Creole life in Louisiana (1851-1904)
    Kate O'Flaherty Chopin; Kate Chopin.

More 'chopin' Meaning


  • noun a slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body
    crawl; creep; crawling.
    • a crawl was all that the injured man could manage
    • the traffic moved at a creep
  • verb move slowly; in the case of people or animals with the body near the ground
    crawl; creep.
    • The crocodile was crawling along the riverbed

More 'creeping' Meaning


  • noun physicist born in Germany who formulated the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity; Einstein also proposed that light consists of discrete quantized bundles of energy (later called photons) (1879-1955)
    Albert Einstein.
  • noun someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality
    genius; brainiac; mastermind; brain.
    • Mozart was a child genius
    • he's smart but he's no Einstein

More 'einstein' Meaning


  • adverb in a restive manner
    • he sat down again, restively

More 'restively' Meaning


  • noun a triangular board supported on casters; when lightly touched with the fingertips it is supposed to spell out supernatural (or unconscious) messages

More 'planchette' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun someone recently married

More 'newlywed' Meaning


  • adjective satellite moving quickly and lightly
    quick; agile; nimble.
    • sleek and agile as a gymnast
    • as nimble as a deer
    • nimble fingers
    • quick of foot
    • the old dog was so spry it was halfway up the stairs before we could stop it

More 'spry' Meaning


  • noun United States industrialist who manufactured vacuum cleaners (1849-1932)
    William Hoover; William Henry Hoover.
  • noun United States lawyer who was director of the FBI for 48 years (1895-1972)
    John Edgar Hoover; J. Edgar Hoover.

More 'hoover' Meaning


  • adjective satellite (of movement) at an angle

More 'crabwise' Meaning


  • noun 16th President of the United States; saved the Union during the American Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865)
    President Abraham Lincoln; President Lincoln; Abraham Lincoln.
  • noun capital of the state of Nebraska; located in southeastern Nebraska; site of the University of Nebraska
    capital of Nebraska.

More 'lincoln' Meaning


  • adjective satellite darkened with overcast
    • a dark day
    • a dull sky
    • the sky was leaden and thick
  • adjective satellite made heavy or weighted down with weariness
    • his leaden arms
    • weighted eyelids

More 'leaden' Meaning


  • noun a funeral procession
  • noun the group following and attending to some important person
    entourage; retinue; suite.

More 'cortege' Meaning


  • adjective satellite moving and bending with ease
    lissome; lithesome; sylphlike; lissom; slender; svelte; supple.

More 'lithe' Meaning


  • noun United States rock star singer and pianist (born in 1935)
    Jerry Lee Lewis.
  • noun United States athlete who won gold medals at the Olympics for his skill in sprinting and jumping (born in 1961)
    Frederick Carleton Lewis; Carl Lewis.

More 'lewis' Meaning


  • adjective satellite annoying and unpleasant
    • some creepy kids were bothering her
  • adjective satellite causing a sensation as of things crawling on your skin
    • a creepy story
    • I had a creepy-crawly feeling

More 'creepy' Meaning


  • noun English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)
    Wilkie Collins; William Wilkie Collins.
  • noun tall iced drink of liquor (usually gin) with fruit juice
    Tom Collins.

More 'collins' Meaning


  • noun a substance that is fluid at room temperature and pressure
  • noun continuous amorphous matter that tends to flow and to conform to the outline of its container: a liquid or a gas

More 'fluid' Meaning


  • adjective satellite lacking bodily or muscular strength or vitality
    weakly; weak; sapless; feeble; decrepit; rickety; debile.
    • a feeble old woman
    • her body looked sapless
  • adjective satellite lacking firmness of will or character or purpose; give me the daggers" - Shakespeare
    • infirm of purpose

More 'infirm' Meaning


  • noun state capital of Texas on the Colorado River; site of the University of Texas
    capital of Texas.

More 'austin' Meaning


  • noun United States explorer who accompanied Peary's expedition to the North Pole and who led many other Arctic trips (1875-1946)
    Robert Abram Bartlett; Captain Bob; Robert Bartlett.
  • noun United States publisher and editor who compiled a book of familiar quotations (1820-1905)
    John Bartlett.

More 'bartlett' Meaning


Toward the right.
Rightward and leftward rise the rocks. Southey.

More 'rightward' Meaning


  • noun large powerful tractor; a large blade in front flattens areas of ground

More 'bulldozer' Meaning


  • adverb without energy; in a lethargic manner
    • he hung around the house lethargically

More 'lethargically' Meaning


  • adverb in a skittish manner
    • the horse pranced around skittishly

More 'skittishly' Meaning


  • noun a circle that rolls around (inside or outside) another circle; generates an epicycloid or hypocycloid

More 'epicycle' Meaning


  • adverb in a nimble or agile manner; with quickness and lightness and ease
    • nimbly scaling an iron gate"- Charles Dickens
    • leaped agilely from roof to roof

More 'agilely' Meaning


Toward or on the left side.
Rightward and leftward rise the rocks. Southey.

More 'leftward' Meaning


  • noun a covered gravy holder of silver or other metal containing a detachable central vessel for hot water to keep the gravy warm
  • noun a design consisting of a pattern of varicolored diamonds on a solid background (originally for knitted articles); patterned after the tartan of a clan in western Scotland

More 'argyll' Meaning


  • adverb in a shifty manner
    • he looked at his new customer shiftily

More 'shiftily' Meaning


  • noun the univalent radical CH3- derived from methane
    methyl radical; methyl group.

More 'methyl' Meaning


  • adverb with spasms
    • the mouth was slightly open, and jerked violently and spasmodically at one corner
  • adverb with jerking motions
    • She rose stiffly, jerkily from the window seat

More 'jerkily' Meaning


  • noun United States writer and dramatist (1897-1975)
    Thornton Wilder; Thornton Niven Wilder.
  • noun United States filmmaker (born in Austria) whose dark humor infused many of the films he made (1906-2002)
    Billy Wilder; Samuel Wilder.

More 'wilder' Meaning


  • noun the compass point midway between south and east; at 135 degrees
    southeast; SE; sou'-east.
  • adjective satellite toward the southeast

More 'southeastward' Meaning


  • noun a consonant whose articulation involves movement of the lips
    labial consonant.
  • adjective of or relating to the lips of the mouth
    • labial stops

More 'labial' Meaning


  • adverb in a visible manner
    • he was visibly upset
  • adverb so as to be visible
    • the sign was visibly displayed

More 'visibly' Meaning


  • adverb without a sound
    • he stood up soundlessly and speechlessly and glided across the hallway and through a door

More 'soundlessly' Meaning


  • noun a rounded projecting mass of a cumulus cloud with shining edges; often appears before a thunderstorm

More 'thunderhead' Meaning


  • noun a large continuous extent of land
    land mass.

More 'landmass' Meaning


  • adverb at or to or toward the back or rear
    rearward; backward; back; backwards.
    • he moved back
    • tripped when he stepped backward
    • she looked rearward out the window of the car
  • noun direction toward the rear
    • his outfit marched to the rearward of the tank divisions

More 'rearwards' Meaning


  • noun a person dressed all in blue (as a soldier or sailor)

More 'bluecoat' Meaning


  • adverb in a creaky manner
    creakily; screakily.
    • the old boat was moving along creakily

More 'creakingly' Meaning


  • adjective satellite showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity
    sympathetic; benevolent; large-hearted; charitable; good-hearted; openhearted.
    • was charitable in his opinions of others
    • kindly criticism
    • a kindly act
    • sympathetic words
    • a large-hearted mentor
  • adjective satellite pleasant and agreeable
    • a kindly climate
    • kindly breeze

More 'kindly' Meaning


  • noun the compass point midway between north and east; at 45 degrees
    NE; northeast; nor'-east.
  • adjective satellite toward the northeast

More 'northeastward' Meaning


  • noun a small amount or duration
    • he accepted the little they gave him
  • adjective limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent
    • a little dining room
    • a little house
    • a small car
    • a little (or small) group

More 'little' Meaning


  • noun the compass point midway between north and west; at 315 degrees
    nor'-west; NW; northwest.
  • adjective satellite toward the northwest

More 'northwestward' Meaning


  • noun a rounded projecting mass of a cumulus cloud with shining edges; often appears before a thunderstorm

More 'thunderhead' Meaning


  • adverb without grace; rigidly
    ungraciously; ungracefully; gracelessly.
    • they moved woodenly

More 'woodenly' Meaning


  • noun any of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess
    chess piece.

More 'chessman' Meaning


  • adverb in a sluggish manner
    • the smoke rose sluggishly

More 'sluggishly' Meaning


  • verb be envious of; set one's heart on
  • verb wish ill or allow unwillingly

More 'begrudge' Meaning


  • adverb in a languorous manner
    • he was sprawling languorously on the sofa

More 'languorously' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb in a creaky manner
    screakily; creakingly.
    • the old boat was moving along creakily

More 'creakily' Meaning


  • adverb in a stealthy manner
    • stealthily they advanced upstream

More 'stealthily' Meaning


  • adjective being in or directed toward the midline or mesial plane of the body

More 'mesial' Meaning


  • noun a back stationed wide of the scrimmage line; used as a pass receiver
    flanker back.
  • noun a soldier who is a member of a detachment assigned to guard the flanks of a military formation

More 'flanker' Meaning


  • adjective designed for low-income consumers

More 'downmarket' Meaning


  • noun an employee of a theater who performs work involved in putting on a theatrical production
    stage technician.

More 'stagehand' Meaning


  • adverb in a restless manner
    • he cracked his knuckles restlessly

More 'restlessly' Meaning


  • adverb in an unreasoning visceral manner
  • adverb in the viscera
    • he is bleeding viscerally

More 'viscerally' Meaning


  • adverb in an uninterestingly ponderous manner
    • the play was staged with ponderously realistic sets
  • adverb in a heavy ponderous manner
    • he moves ponderously

More 'ponderously' Meaning


  • noun a shifty deceptive person
    fox; slyboots.
  • noun small oval cake of corn bread baked or fried (chiefly southern)
    corn dab; corn dodger.

More 'dodger' Meaning


  • adjective satellite difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight
    • a cumbersome piece of machinery
    • cumbrous protective clothing

More 'cumbrous' Meaning


  • adverb without haste
    • she proceeded unhurriedly

More 'unhurriedly' Meaning


  • noun United States clarinetist and leader of a swing band (1910-2004)
    Arthur Jacob Arshawsky; Artie Shaw.
  • noun United States humorist who wrote about rural life (1818-1885)
    Henry Wheeler Shaw; Josh Billings.

More 'shaw' Meaning


  • noun the compass point midway between south and west; at 225 degrees
    sou'-west; SW; southwest.
  • adjective satellite toward the southwest

More 'southwestward' Meaning


  • noun (baseball) a person who plays in the outfield
  • noun a fielder in cricket who is stationed in the outfield

More 'outfielder' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun the fourth day of the week; the third working day
    Wednesday; Midweek.
  • verb take in marriage
    get hitched with; marry; conjoin; get married; espouse; hook up with.

More 'wed' Meaning


  • noun a substance that is liquid at room temperature and pressure
  • noun the state in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow with little or no tendency to disperse and relatively high incompressibility
    liquid state; liquidness; liquidity.

More 'liquid' Meaning


  • adverb in an obligatory manner
    • this rule applies obligatorily
  • adverb in a manner that cannot be evaded
    mandatorily; compulsorily.
    • the ministry considers that contributions to such a fund should be met from voluntary donations rather than from rates compulsorily levied.

More 'obligatorily' Meaning


  • adjective produced without vibration of the vocal cords
    surd; unvoiced; hard.
    • unvoiced consonants such as `p' and `k' and `s'
  • adjective deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote
    disenfranchised; disfranchised; voteless.
    • labor was voiceless
    • disenfrenchised masses took to the streets

More 'voiceless' Meaning


  • adverb in accommodation
    • obligingly, he lowered his voice

More 'obligingly' Meaning


  • adverb in a sleek glossy manner
    • the wet road was shining sleekly

More 'sleekly' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adverb without grace; rigidly
    woodenly; ungraciously; ungracefully.
    • they moved woodenly
  • adverb in a graceless manner
    • she moves rather gracelessly

More 'gracelessly' Meaning


  • noun one of a pair of posts (usually joined by a crossbar) that are set up as a goal at each end of a playing field

More 'goalpost' Meaning


  • adverb with aesthetic gratification or delight
    • sensuously delighting in the wine and food

More 'sensuously' Meaning


  • noun English admiral who defeated the French fleets of Napoleon but was mortally wounded at Trafalgar (1758-1805)
    Admiral Nelson; Lord Nelson; Viscount Nelson; Horatio Nelson.
  • noun any of several wrestling holds in which an arm is passed under the opponent's arm from behind and the hand exerts pressure on the back of the neck

More 'nelson' Meaning


  • noun the compass point midway between north and east; at 45 degrees
    NE; northeast; nor'-east.
  • adjective satellite toward the northeast

More 'northeastward' Meaning


  • adjective satellite with extreme care or delicacy
    • they proceeded with gingerly footwork over the jagged stones
    • the issue was handled only in a gingerly way"- W.S.White
  • adverb in a gingerly manner
    • gingerly I raised the edge of the blanket

More 'gingerly' Meaning


  • adverb toward land
    • landward, miles of rough grass marshes melt into low uplands

More 'landwards' Meaning


  • noun English philosopher and mathematician who collaborated with Bertrand Russell (1861-1947)
    Alfred North Whitehead.
  • noun a small whitish lump in the skin due to a clogged sebaceous gland

More 'whitehead' Meaning


  • noun a downward slope or bend
    decline; descent; declivity; declination; fall; declension.

More 'downslope' Meaning


  • noun a school teaching mechanical and industrial arts and the applied sciences
    technical school.

More 'tech' Meaning


  • adverb toward one side
    • turn the figure sideward

More 'sidewards' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • adjective having little or no weight or apparent gravitational pull; light
    • floating freely in a weightless condition
    • a baby bat...fluffy and weightless as a moth
    • jackets made of a weightless polyester fabric

More 'weightless' Meaning


  • noun United States singer (1918-1990)
    Pearl Mae Bailey; Pearl Bailey.
  • noun English lexicographer who was the first to treat etymology consistently; his work was used as a reference by Samuel Johnson (died in 1742)
    Nathaniel Bailey; Nathan Bailey.

More 'bailey' Meaning


  • noun someone who settles lawfully on government land with the intent to acquire title to it
    nester; squatter.

More 'homesteader' Meaning


  • noun religious music used in a procession
  • adjective intended for use in a procession
    • processional music
    • processional cross

More 'processional' Meaning


  • adverb with dexterity; in a dexterous manner
    dexterously; dextrously.
    • dextrously he untied the knots
  • adverb in a deft manner
    • Lois deftly removed her scarf

More 'deftly' Meaning


  • adverb in a sedate manner

More 'sedately' Meaning


  • noun a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
  • noun a rare soft silvery metallic element; occurs in small quantities in sphalerite
    indium; atomic number 49.

More 'in' Meaning


  • adverb in an idle and lackadaisical manner
    • he was hanging around the house lackadaisically

More 'lackadaisically' Meaning


  • adverb to a great depth psychologically
    • They felt the loss deeply

More 'profoundly' Meaning


  • noun the compass point midway between north and west; at 315 degrees
    nor'-west; NW; northwest.
  • adjective satellite toward the northwest

More 'northwestward' Meaning


  • noun large powerful tractor; a large blade in front flattens areas of ground

More 'dozer' Meaning


  • adverb with respect to language
    • linguistically impaired children
    • a lingually diverse population

More 'lingually' Meaning


  • noun a person whose duty is to throw troublemakers out of a bar or public meeting

More 'bouncer' Meaning


  • noun affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)
    cuddling; petting; smooching; hugging; snuggling; necking; kissing; fondling.
  • verb touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner
    fondle; caress.
    • He caressed her face
    • They fondled in the back seat of the taxi

More 'caressing' Meaning


  • noun a city in southeastern Ontario on the Detroit River opposite Detroit
  • noun the British royal family since 1917
    House of Windsor.

More 'windsor' Meaning


  • adverb by a glacier
    • glacially deposited material

More 'glacially' Meaning


  • noun grains used as food either unpolished or more often polished
  • noun annual or perennial rhizomatous marsh grasses; seed used for food; straw used for paper

More 'rice' Meaning


Toward a pole of the earth. "The regions further polewards." Whewell.

More 'polewards' Meaning


  • adverb in an obedient manner
    • obediently she slipped off her right shoe and stocking

More 'obediently' Meaning


  • adjective designed for consumers with high incomes
    • he turned up in well-cut clothes...and upmarket felt hats"- New Yorker

More 'upmarket' Meaning


  • noun the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one
    deuce-ace; trio; triplet; tercet; tierce; troika; three; 3; ternion; trine; ternary; triad; threesome; leash; III; trinity; terzetto.
  • noun one of four playing cards in a deck having three pips

More 'trey' Meaning


  • noun indecision in speech or action
    vacillation; hesitation.
  • noun the quality of being unsteady and subject to changes
    • he kept a record of price fluctuations

More 'wavering' Meaning


  • noun any of several Old World herbs of the genus Medicago having small flowers and trifoliate compound leaves
    trefoil; medick.
  • noun a medical practitioner in the armed forces
    medical officer.

More 'medic' Meaning


  • noun a residential part of town away from the central commercial district
  • adjective of or located in the upper part of a town
    • uptown residential areas

More 'uptown' Meaning

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