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  • ruminant
    • noun any of various cud-chewing hoofed mammals having a stomach divided into four (occasionally three) compartments
    • adjective related to or characteristic of animals of the suborder Ruminantia or any other animal that chews a cud
      • ruminant mammals

  • additives
    • noun something added to enhance food or gasoline or paint or medicine
    • adjective designating or involving an equation whose terms are of the first degree

  • animal
    • noun a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
      animate being; brute; beast; fauna; creature.
    • adjective satellite marked by the appetites and passions of the body
      fleshly; carnal; sensual.
      • animal instincts
      • carnal knowledge
      • fleshly desire
      • a sensual delight in eating
      • music is the only sensual pleasure without vice

  • famine
    • noun an acute insufficiency
      dearth; shortage.
    • noun a severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death

  • contaminated
    • adjective corrupted by contact or association
      • contaminated evidence
    • verb make impure
      foul; pollute; contaminate.
      • The industrial wastes polluted the lake

  • imports
    • noun commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country
    • noun an imported person brought from a foreign country
      • the lead role was played by an import from Sweden
      • they are descendants of indentured importees

  • poultry
    • noun a domesticated gallinaceous bird thought to be descended from the red jungle fowl
      fowl; domestic fowl.
    • noun flesh of chickens or turkeys or ducks or geese raised for food

  • composition
    • noun the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole
      • harmonious composition is essential in a serious work of art
    • noun the way in which someone or something is composed
      physical composition; make-up; makeup; constitution.

  • livestock
    • noun any animals kept for use or profit
      farm animal; stock.

  • containing
    • verb include or contain; have as a component
      incorporate; comprise.
      • A totally new idea is comprised in this paper
      • The record contains many old songs from the 1930's
    • verb contain or hold; have within
      carry; hold; bear.
      • The jar carries wine
      • The canteen holds fresh water
      • This can contains water

  • protein
    • noun any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells; consist of polymers of amino acids; essential in the diet of animals for growth and for repair of tissues; can be obtained from meat and eggs and milk and legumes
      • a diet high in protein

  • production
    • noun the act or process of producing something
      • Shakespeare's production of poetry was enormous
      • the production of white blood cells
    • noun a presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television
      • have you seen the new production of Hamlet?

  • imported
    • adjective satellite used of especially merchandise brought from a foreign source
      • imported wines
    • verb bring in from abroad

  • prices
    • noun the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold)
      cost; monetary value.
      • the fluctuating monetary value of gold and silver
      • he puts a high price on his services
      • he couldn't calculate the cost of the collection
    • noun the amount of money needed to purchase something
      terms; damage.
      • the price of gasoline
      • he got his new car on excellent terms
      • how much is the damage?

  • concentrated
    • adjective gathered together or made less diffuse
      • their concentrated efforts
      • his concentrated attention
      • concentrated study
      • a narrow thread of concentrated ore
    • verb make denser, stronger, or purer
      • concentrate juice

  • analysis
    • noun an investigation of the component parts of a whole and their relations in making up the whole
    • noun the abstract separation of a whole into its constituent parts in order to study the parts and their relations
      analytic thinking.

  • each
    • adjective satellite (used of count nouns) every one considered individually
      • each person is mortal
      • each party is welcome
    • adverb to or from every one of two or more (considered individually)
      from each one; for each one; to each one; apiece.
      • they received $10 each

  • industry
    • noun the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise
      • each industry has its own trade publications
    • noun the organized action of making of goods and services for sale
      • American industry is making increased use of computers to control production

  • valuable
    • noun something of value
      • all our valuables were stolen
    • adjective having great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange
      • a valuable diamond

  • used
    • adjective employed in accomplishing something
      • the principle of surprise is the most used and misused of all the principles of war"- H.H.Arnold & I.C.Eaker
    • verb put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose
      employ; apply; use; utilize; utilise.
      • use your head!
      • we only use Spanish at home
      • I can't use this tool
      • Apply a magnetic field here
      • This thinking was applied to many projects
      • How do you utilize this tool?
      • I apply this rule to get good results
      • use the plastic bags to store the food
      • He doesn't know how to use a computer

  • rich
    • noun people who have possessions and wealth (considered as a group)
      rich people.
      • only the very rich benefit from this legislation
    • adjective possessing material wealth
      • her father is extremely rich
      • many fond hopes are pinned on rich uncles

  • particular
    • noun a fact about some part (as opposed to general)
      • he always reasons from the particular to the general
    • noun a small part that can be considered separately from the whole
      item; detail.
      • it was perfect in all details

  • quality
    • noun an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
      • the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
    • noun a degree or grade of excellence or worth
      caliber; calibre.
      • the quality of students has risen
      • an executive of low caliber

  • given
    • noun an assumption that is taken for granted
      presumption; precondition.
    • verb cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense
      • She gave him a black eye
      • The draft gave me a cold

  • single
    • noun a base hit on which the batter stops safely at first base
    • noun the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number
      ace; I; unity; one; 1.
      • he has the one but will need a two and three to go with it
      • they had lunch at one

  • natural
    • noun someone regarded as certain to succeed
      • he's a natural for the job
    • noun a notation cancelling a previous sharp or flat

  • common
    • noun a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area
      green; park; commons.
      • they went for a walk in the park
    • adjective belonging to or participated in by a community as a whole; public
      • for the common good
      • common lands are set aside for use by all members of a community

  • same
    • adjective same in identity
      • the same man I saw yesterday
      • never wore the same dress twice
      • this road is the same one we were on yesterday
      • on the same side of the street
    • noun a member of an indigenous nomadic people living in northern Scandinavia and herding reindeer
      Saame; Lapp; Sami; Saami; Lapplander.

  • important
    • adjective of great significance or value
      of import.
      • important people
      • the important questions of the day
    • adjective important in effect or meaning
      • a significant change in tax laws
      • a significant change in the Constitution
      • a significant contribution
      • significant details
      • statistically significant

  • various
    • adjective satellite of many different kinds purposefully arranged but lacking any uniformity
      • assorted sizes
      • his disguises are many and various
      • various experiments have failed to disprove the theory
      • cited various reasons for his behavior
    • adjective satellite considered individually
      respective; several.
      • the respective club members
      • specialists in their several fields
      • the various reports all agreed

  • available
    • adjective obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service
      • kept a fire extinguisher available
      • much information is available through computers
      • available in many colors
      • the list of available candidates is unusually long
    • adjective satellite not busy; not otherwise committed
      • he was not available for comment
      • he was available and willing to accompany her

  • different
    • adjective unlike in nature or quality or form or degree
      • took different approaches to the problem
      • came to a different conclusion
      • different parts of the country
      • on different sides of the issue
      • this meeting was different from the earlier one
    • adjective satellite distinctly separate from the first
      • that's another (or different) issue altogether

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