tenant (Also tenanted, tenants, tenanting) : Related Words Words similar in meaning to tenant


  • noun an inhabitant of Scandinavia
    Norse; Scandinavian.

More 'northman' Meaning


(Old Law) A quantity of oats paid by a tenant to a landlord in lieu of rent. Jacob.

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  • noun the mental state of being preoccupied by something
    absorption; engrossment; preoccupation.
  • noun the act of taking occupancy before someone else does

More 'preoccupancy' Meaning


  • noun the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
    wood; forest.
  • noun the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees

More 'woods' Meaning


  • noun a natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended
    • he didn't get enough sleep last night
    • calm as a child in dreamless slumber
  • noun a torpid state resembling deep sleep

More 'sleep' Meaning


  • noun (astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided
    planetary house; house; star sign; sign of the zodiac; sign.
  • noun a large and imposing house
    residence; manse; hall; mansion house.

More 'mansion' Meaning


  • noun a small low car with a high-powered engine; usually seats two persons
    sport car.

More 'sports_car' Meaning


  • noun the act of consuming food
  • noun the act of supplying food and nourishment

More 'feeding' Meaning


  • noun a room equipped for informal entertaining
    recreation room.

More 'rec_room' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Iran
    Persian; Irani.
    • the majority of Irani are Persian Shiite Muslims
  • noun the modern Persian language spoken in Iran
    Iranian language.

More 'iranian' Meaning


  • noun someone (physician or clergyman) who substitutes temporarily for another member of the same profession

More 'locum_tenens' Meaning


  • verb specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement
    qualify; specify; condition.
    • The will stipulates that she can live in the house for the rest of her life
    • The contract stipulates the dates of the payments
  • verb give a guarantee or promise of
    • They stipulated to release all the prisoners

More 'stipulate' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a native or resident of Massachusetts

More 'bay_stater' Meaning


  • noun someone (especially a German) who speaks a Germanic language
  • noun a member of the ancient Germanic people who migrated from Jutland to southern Gaul and were annihilated by the Romans

More 'teuton' Meaning


  • noun customers collectively
    patronage; business.
    • they have an upper class clientele

More 'clientele' Meaning


  • noun the state of being suitable or opportune
    • chairs arranged for his own convenience
  • noun the quality of being useful and convenient
    • they offered the convenience of an installment plan

More 'convenience' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Nepal
  • adjective of or pertaining to or characteristic of Nepal or its people or language or culture
    • Nepalese troops massed at the border
    • Nepali mountains are among the highest in the world
    • the different Nepali words for `rice'

More 'nepalese' Meaning


  • noun a tent with a fly front

More 'fly_tent' Meaning


  • noun a document incorporating an institution and specifying its rights; includes the articles of incorporation and the certificate of incorporation
  • noun a contract to hire or lease transportation

More 'charter' Meaning


  • noun a room set aside for sewing

More 'sewing_room' Meaning


  • verb smoke one cigarette after another; light one cigarette from the preceding one

More 'chain-smoke' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Colorado

More 'coloradan' Meaning


  • adjective satellite divided up into compartments or categories
    compartmentalized; compartmental.
    • most sciences have become woefully compartmentalized
  • verb separate into isolated compartments or categories
    compartmentalise; cut up; compartmentalize.
    • You cannot compartmentalize your life like this!

More 'compartmentalised' Meaning


  • noun an enclosed compartment from which a vessel can be navigated

More 'pilothouse' Meaning


  • noun a car kept in dealers' stock for regular sales
  • noun a racing car with the basic chassis of a commercially available car

More 'stock_car' Meaning


  • noun large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet; in some classifications considered a member of the bear family or of a separate family Ailuropodidae
    Ailuropoda melanoleuca; giant panda; panda bear; coon bear.
  • noun reddish-brown Old World raccoon-like carnivore; in some classifications considered unrelated to the giant pandas
    Ailurus fulgens; red panda; bear cat; lesser panda; cat bear.

More 'panda' Meaning


  • noun an amount of time
    time period; period.
    • a time period of 30 years
    • hastened the period of time of his recovery
    • Picasso's blue period

More 'period_of_time' Meaning


  • noun a Native American tent; usually of conical shape
    teepee; tepee.

More 'tipi' Meaning


  • noun a Dutch colony in North America along the Hudson and lower Delaware rivers although the colony centered in New Amsterdam; annexed by the English in 1664

More 'new_netherland' Meaning


  • noun an American who lives in New England

More 'new_englander' Meaning


  • noun a circular domed dwelling that is portable and self-supporting; originally used by nomadic Mongol and Turkic people of central Asia but now used as inexpensive alternative or temporary housing

More 'yurt' Meaning


  • noun an inn (usually outside city limits on a main road) providing meals and liquor and dancing and (sometimes) gambling

More 'roadhouse' Meaning


  • noun a group of people having approximately the same age
    cohort; age group.

More 'age_bracket' Meaning


  • noun a rented car
    u-drive; rent-a-car; car rental; you-drive; hire car.
    • she picked up a hire car at the airport and drove to her hotel

More 'self-drive' Meaning


  • adjective not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered
    • a new law
    • new cars
    • a new comet
    • a new friend
    • a new year
    • the New World
  • adjective satellite original and of a kind not seen before
    fresh; novel.
    • the computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem

More 'new' Meaning


  • noun a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange
    cyberspace; internet.
  • noun a trap made of netting to catch fish or birds or insects

More 'net' Meaning


  • noun a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat
    station waggon; wagon; beach waggon; beach wagon; estate car; waggon.

More 'station_wagon' Meaning


  • noun a one story house with a low pitched roof

More 'ranch_house' Meaning


  • noun a social unit living together
    house; household; family; home.
    • he moved his family to Virginia
    • It was a good Christian household
    • I waited until the whole house was asleep
    • the teacher asked how many people made up his home

More 'menage' Meaning


  • verb yield a profit or result
    • His efforts finally paid off
  • verb eliminate by paying off (debts)

More 'pay_off' Meaning


  • noun an inhabitant of Scandinavia
    Northman; Norse.
  • noun the northern family of Germanic languages that are spoken in Scandinavia and Iceland
    North Germanic language; Scandinavian language; Norse; Nordic; North Germanic.

More 'scandinavian' Meaning


  • noun a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually
    souse; alcoholic; lush; alky; boozer; soaker.

More 'dipsomaniac' Meaning


  • noun a college or university building containing living quarters for students
    dormitory; residence hall; hall; student residence.

More 'dorm' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Arkansas

More 'arkansawyer' Meaning


  • noun (chemistry) in the formation of a coordinate bond it is the compound to which electrons are donated
  • noun the person (or institution) who accepts a check or draft and becomes responsible for paying the party named in the draft when it matures

More 'acceptor' Meaning


  • noun the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists
    • DNA is the substance of our genes
  • noun the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
    kernel; center; centre; nitty-gritty; essence; sum; meat; heart; pith; nub; heart and soul; core; inwardness; marrow; gist.
    • the gist of the prosecutor's argument
    • the heart and soul of the Republican Party
    • the nub of the story

More 'substance' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Holland
    Hollander; Dutchman.

More 'netherlander' Meaning


  • noun the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport
  • noun the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone
    search; hunt.

More 'hunting' Meaning


  • noun someone who holds slaves
    slaveholder; slaver.

More 'slave_owner' Meaning


  • noun a person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country
  • noun a negotiator who settles disputes

More 'settler' Meaning


  • noun a type of house built in New England; has two stories in front and one behind

More 'saltbox' Meaning


  • noun a run-down apartment house barely meeting minimal standards
    tenement house.

More 'tenement' Meaning


  • noun an inhabitant of an island

More 'island-dweller' Meaning


  • noun an inn for exchanging post horses and accommodating riders

More 'post_house' Meaning


  • noun a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas
  • noun a hot vapor containing fine particles of carbon being produced by combustion
    • the fire produced a tower of black smoke that could be seen for miles

More 'smoke' Meaning


  • noun the charred portion of a candlewick
  • noun a pinch of smokeless tobacco inhaled at a single time

More 'snuff' Meaning


  • noun a collection of art works

More 'art_collection' Meaning


  • noun a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
    toilet; bathroom; privy; can; lav; john.
  • noun a bathroom sink that is permanently installed and connected to a water supply and drainpipe; where you can wash your hands and face
    washbasin; basin; washstand; washbowl.
    • he ran some water in the basin and splashed it on his face

More 'lavatory' Meaning


  • verb separate into isolated compartments or categories
    cut up; compartmentalize.
    • You cannot compartmentalize your life like this!

More 'compartmentalise' Meaning


  • noun the whole amount
    aggregate; sum; totality.
  • noun a quantity obtained by the addition of a group of numbers
    sum; amount.

More 'total' Meaning


  • noun a base containing nitrogen that is found in RNA (but not in DNA) and derived from pyrimidine; pairs with adenine
  • noun a heavy toxic silvery-white radioactive metallic element; occurs in many isotopes; used for nuclear fuels and nuclear weapons
    uranium; atomic number 92.

More 'u' Meaning


  • noun a collection containing a variety of sorts of things
    mixture; variety; motley; miscellanea; mixed bag; salmagundi; miscellany; assortment; potpourri.
    • a great assortment of cars was on display
    • he had a variety of disorders
    • a veritable smorgasbord of religions
  • noun an assortment of foods starting with herring or smoked eel or salmon etc with bread and butter; then cheeses and eggs and pickled vegetables and aspics; finally hot foods; served as a buffet meal

More 'smorgasbord' Meaning


  • noun a permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state
    ground forces; regular army.
  • noun a large number of people united for some specific purpose

More 'army' Meaning


  • noun vegetation (such as young shoots, twigs, and leaves) that is suitable for animals to eat
    • a deer needs to eat twenty pounds of browse every day
  • noun reading superficially or at random

More 'browse' Meaning


  • noun a health facility where patients receive treatment
  • noun a medical institution where sick or injured people are given medical or surgical care

More 'hospital' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of New Hampshire
    Granite Stater.

More 'new_hampshirite' Meaning


  • noun large room used mainly for dancing
    dance palace; ballroom.

More 'dance_hall' Meaning


  • noun weapons considered collectively
    weapons system; weaponry; implements of war; munition.
  • noun the official symbols of a family, state, etc.
    coat of arms; blazon; blazonry.

More 'arms' Meaning


  • noun a person who eats human flesh
    anthropophagite; man-eater; anthropophagus.

More 'cannibal' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of South Carolina

More 'south_carolinian' Meaning


  • verb act between parties with a view to reconciling differences
    intermediate; liaise; intercede; arbitrate.
    • He interceded in the family dispute
    • He mediated a settlement
  • verb occupy an intermediate or middle position or form a connecting link or stage between two others
    • mediate between the old and the new

More 'mediate' Meaning


  • noun an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
  • noun any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds
    • he fell asleep to the music of the wind chimes

More 'music' Meaning


  • noun a group's refusal to work in protest against low pay or bad work conditions
    work stoppage.
    • the strike lasted more than a month before it was settled
  • noun an attack that is intended to seize or inflict damage on or destroy an objective
    • the strike was scheduled to begin at dawn

More 'strike' Meaning


  • noun large luxurious car; usually driven by a chauffeur

More 'limousine' Meaning


  • noun the act of providing approval and support
    backing; championship; backup.
    • his vigorous backing of the conservatives got him in trouble with progressives
  • noun customers collectively
    clientele; business.
    • they have an upper class clientele

More 'patronage' Meaning


  • noun a miscellaneous collection of things sold together

More 'job_lot' Meaning


  • noun a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture
    rube; bumpkin; hayseed; chawbacon; yokel; hick.
  • noun one of a race of brutes resembling men but subject to the Houyhnhnms in a novel by Jonathan Swift

More 'yahoo' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of West Virginia

More 'west_virginian' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Missouri

More 'missourian' Meaning


  • noun the act of making a noisy disturbance
    din; tumult; ruckus; commotion; ruction.
  • verb cause a disturbance

More 'rumpus' Meaning


  • noun a limousine with a glass partition between the front and back seats
  • noun capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
    German capital.

More 'berlin' Meaning


  • noun a person who lives in the dales of northern England

More 'dalesman' Meaning


  • noun the act of grasping
    grip; clutches; clutch; clench; grasp; clasp.
    • he released his clasp on my arm
    • he has a strong grip for an old man
    • she kept a firm hold on the railing
  • noun understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something
    grasp; appreciation.
    • he has a good grasp of accounting practices

More 'hold' Meaning


  • noun too much production or more than expected
  • verb invade in great numbers
    • the roaches infested our kitchen

More 'overrun' Meaning


  • noun the process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating)
    ingestion; uptake; consumption.
  • noun an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container

More 'intake' Meaning


  • noun a cage (usually made of wood and wire mesh) for small animals
  • noun small crude shelter used as a dwelling
    hut; shack; hovel; shanty.

More 'hutch' Meaning


  • noun an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling
    • the rooms were very small but they had a nice view
  • noun space for movement
    elbow room; way.
    • room to pass
    • make way for
    • hardly enough elbow room to turn around

More 'room' Meaning


  • noun a noncommittal or equivocal position
  • noun a gymnastic exercise performed with a leg on either side of the parallel bars

More 'straddle' Meaning


  • noun a storage compartment for clothes and valuables; usually it has a lock
    storage locker; cabinet.
  • noun a fastener that locks or closes

More 'locker' Meaning


  • noun a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools
    machinist; shop mechanic.
  • noun someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles
    auto-mechanic; grease monkey; automobile mechanic; car-mechanic.

More 'mechanic' Meaning


  • noun a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools
    shop mechanic; mechanic.

More 'machinist' Meaning


  • verb become drunk or drink excessively
    inebriate; souse; soak.

More 'hit_it_up' Meaning


  • verb spread across or over
    • A big oil spot spread across the water

More 'overspread' Meaning


  • noun a member of one of the various peoples inhabiting Mesoamerica
  • adjective of or relating to the people of Mesoamerica or their languages or cultures

More 'mesoamerican' Meaning


  • noun the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length
    spring; springiness.
  • verb cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense
    • She gave him a black eye
    • The draft gave me a cold

More 'give' Meaning


  • noun a social unit living together
    house; menage; family; home.
    • he moved his family to Virginia
    • It was a good Christian household
    • I waited until the whole house was asleep
    • the teacher asked how many people made up his home

More 'household' Meaning


  • noun a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived
    Aborigine; Aboriginal; Australian Aborigine; native Australian.

More 'abo' Meaning


  • noun (Roman Catholic Church) an official in charge of an ecclesiastical province acting under the superior general of a religious order
    • the general of the Jesuits receives monthly reports from the provincials
  • noun a country person
    bucolic; peasant.

More 'provincial' Meaning


  • noun a light brown raw cane sugar from Guyana
  • noun a river in northern Guyana that flows northward into the Atlantic

More 'demerara' Meaning


  • noun return to an original state
    • the recovery of the forest after the fire was surprisingly rapid
  • noun gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury
    convalescence; recuperation.

More 'recovery' Meaning


  • noun a circular segment of a curve
    twist; crook; bend.
    • a bend in the road
    • a crook in the path
  • noun the act of changing or reversing the direction of the course
    • he took a turn to the right

More 'turn' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Wales
    Welshman; Cymry; Cambrian.
  • noun a Celtic language of Wales

More 'welsh' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks
  • noun an efficient person
    • the boxer was a magnificent fighting machine

More 'machine' Meaning


  • noun a person holding a fief; a person who owes allegiance and service to a feudal lord
    feudatory; liegeman; liege; liege subject.

More 'vassal' Meaning


  • adjective used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning
    • hot stove
    • hot water
    • a hot August day
    • a hot stuffy room
    • she's hot and tired
    • a hot forehead
  • adjective satellite characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense
    • the fighting became hot and heavy
    • a hot engagement
    • a raging battle
    • the river became a raging torrent

More 'hot' Meaning


  • verb fill to satisfaction
    satiate; replete; fill.
    • I am sated

More 'sate' Meaning


  • noun the act of hopping; jumping upward or forward (especially on one foot)
  • noun twining perennials having cordate leaves and flowers arranged in conelike spikes; the dried flowers of this plant are used in brewing to add the characteristic bitter taste to beer

More 'hop' Meaning


  • noun an American who was born in France or whose ancestors were French

More 'franco-american' Meaning


  • noun an area of sand sloping down to the water of a sea or lake
  • verb land on a beach
    • the ship beached near the port

More 'beach' Meaning


(O. Eng. Law) A writ of right for a tenant in tail in case of a discontinuance of the estate tail. This writ has been abolished.

More 'formedon' Meaning


  • verb be oriented in a certain direction
    overlook; look out on; look across.
    • The house looks out on a tennis court
    • The apartment overlooks the Hudson

More 'look_out_over' Meaning


  • noun someone who pays rent to use land or a building or a car that is owned by someone else
    • the landlord can evict a tenant who doesn't pay the rent
  • noun a holder of buildings or lands by any kind of title (as ownership or lease)

More 'tenant' Meaning


  • noun a state of confusion and disorderliness
    messiness; muss; mussiness.
    • the house was a mess
    • she smoothed the mussiness of the bed
  • noun informal terms for a difficult situation
    kettle of fish; fix; muddle; jam; hole; pickle.
    • he got into a terrible fix
    • he made a muddle of his marriage

More 'mess' Meaning


  • noun an inhabitant of ancient Thrace
  • noun a Thraco-Phrygian language spoken by the ancient people of Thrace but extinct by the early Middle Ages

More 'thracian' Meaning


  • noun a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
    toilet; bathroom; privy; lavatory; can; john.

More 'lav' Meaning


  • noun the collection of rules imposed by authority
    • civilization presupposes respect for the law
    • the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order
  • noun legal document setting forth rules governing a particular kind of activity
    • there is a law against kidnapping

More 'law' Meaning


  • noun the upper side of the thighs of a seated person
    • he picked up the little girl and plopped her down in his lap
  • noun an area of control or responsibility
    • the job fell right in my lap

More 'lap' Meaning


  • noun the acquisition of something for payment
    • they closed the purchase with a handshake
  • noun something acquired by purchase

More 'purchase' Meaning


  • noun a house that stands alone
    single dwelling.

More 'detached_house' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Japan
  • noun the language (usually considered to be Altaic) spoken by the Japanese

More 'japanese' Meaning


  • noun green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass
    viridity; greenness.
  • noun a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area
    park; commons; common.
    • they went for a walk in the park

More 'green' Meaning


  • noun the cardinal compass point that is at 180 degrees
    due south; S; southward.
  • noun the region of the United States lying to the south of the Mason-Dixon line

More 'south' Meaning


  • noun a person who inhabits a particular place
    indweller; habitant; dweller; denizen.

More 'inhabitant' Meaning


  • noun a visible suspension in the air of particles of some substance
  • noun the process of becoming a vapor
    evaporation; vaporisation; vaporization; vapour.

More 'vapor' Meaning


  • noun fermented juice (of grapes especially)
  • noun a red as dark as red wine
    wine-colored; wine-coloured.

More 'wine' Meaning


  • noun an American (especially to non-Americans)
    Yank; Yankee.

More 'yankee-doodle' Meaning


  • noun gallery where works of art can be displayed
  • noun a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work
    beauty parlour; beauty shop; beauty salon; beauty parlor.

More 'salon' Meaning


  • noun place of business where professional or clerical duties are performed
    business office.
    • he rented an office in the new building
  • noun an administrative unit of government
    agency; authority; bureau; federal agency; government agency.
    • the Central Intelligence Agency
    • the Census Bureau
    • Office of Management and Budget
    • Tennessee Valley Authority

More 'office' Meaning


  • noun (cricket) the division of play during which six balls are bowled at the batsman by one player from the other team from the same end of the pitch
  • adjective satellite having come or been brought to a conclusion
    concluded; terminated; complete; ended; all over.
    • the harvesting was complete
    • the affair is over, ended, finished
    • the abruptly terminated interview

More 'over' Meaning


  • verb eat hastily
    • The teenager wolfed down the pizza

More 'wolf_down' Meaning


  • noun the state of being present; current existence
    • he tested for the presence of radon
  • noun the immediate proximity of someone or something
    • she blushed in his presence
    • he sensed the presence of danger
    • he was well behaved in front of company

More 'presence' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun people who lived in times long past (especially during the historical period before the fall of the Roman Empire in western Europe)
  • noun a very old person
    antediluvian; ancient.

More 'ancients' Meaning


  • noun a collection of rules and procedures and conventions that define accepted accounting practice; includes broad guidelines as well as detailed procedures
    generally accepted accounting principles.

More 'gaap' Meaning


  • noun a stopping place on a journey
    way station.
    • there is a stopover to change planes in Chicago
  • noun a brief stay in the course of a journey
    stop; layover.
    • they made a stopover to visit their friends

More 'stopover' Meaning


  • noun an estate where cash crops are grown on a large scale (especially in tropical areas)
  • noun a newly established colony (especially in the colonization of North America)
    • the practice of sending convicted criminals to serve on the Plantations was common in the 17th century

More 'plantation' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Armenia
  • noun the Indo-European language spoken predominantly in Armenia, but also in Azerbaijan
    Armenian language.

More 'armenian' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Nebraska

More 'nebraskan' Meaning


  • noun people who are defeated
    • the Romans had no pity for the defeated
  • verb cause to lose one's composure
    untune; discompose; upset; disconcert; discomfit.

More 'discomfited' Meaning


  • verb provide with shelter
  • verb fool or hoax
    fool; put on; gull; dupe; befool; put one over; cod; put one across; slang.
    • The immigrant was duped because he trusted everyone
    • You can't fool me!

More 'take_in' Meaning


  • noun a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities
  • noun a coordinated sequence of chess moves

More 'combination' Meaning


  • noun people who are involuntarily out of work (considered as a group)
    unemployed people.
    • the long-term unemployed need assistance
  • adjective not engaged in a gainful occupation
    • unemployed workers marched on the capital

More 'unemployed' Meaning


  • noun strongbox where valuables can be safely kept
  • noun a ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing provisions from pests

More 'safe' Meaning


  • noun a person born in the United States of parents who emigrated from Japan

More 'nisei' Meaning


  • noun colony formed by the Pilgrims when they arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620; it was absorbed into the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691

More 'plymouth_colony' Meaning


  • noun some abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity
    • the telephone is an annoying interruption
    • there was a break in the action when a player was hurt
  • noun an unexpected piece of good luck
    good luck; happy chance.
    • he finally got his big break

More 'break' Meaning


  • noun an unofficial association of people or groups
    circle; set; lot.
    • the smart set goes there
    • they were an angry lot
  • noun instrumentalists not including string players

More 'band' Meaning


  • noun person who walks in without having an appointment
    • the emergency room was overrun with walk-ins
  • noun an operative who initiates his own defection (usually to a hostile country) for political asylum

More 'walk-in' Meaning


  • noun the owner or manager of a dairy

More 'dairy_farmer' Meaning


  • noun a native of ancient Troy
    Dardan; Trojan.

More 'dardanian' Meaning


  • noun property that is leased or rented out or let
    letting; lease.
  • noun the act of paying for the use of something (as an apartment or house or car)

More 'rental' Meaning


  • noun a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography
    atomic number 47; Ag.
  • noun coins made of silver

More 'silver' Meaning


  • noun sloping land (especially the slope beside a body of water)
    • they pulled the canoe up on the bank
    • he sat on the bank of the river and watched the currents
  • noun a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities
    banking concern; depository financial institution; banking company.
    • he cashed a check at the bank
    • that bank holds the mortgage on my home

More 'bank' Meaning


  • noun food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked
    breadstuff; staff of life.
  • noun informal terms for money
    moolah; wampum; clams; gelt; kale; lucre; sugar; dinero; simoleons; loot; boodle; lettuce; dough; shekels; scratch; cabbage; pelf; lolly.

More 'bread' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Utah

More 'utahan' Meaning


  • verb overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself
    engorge; gormandize; gormandise; glut; overeat; satiate; englut; stuff; ingurgitate; overindulge; gorge; scarf out; gourmandize; binge; pig out.
    • She stuffed herself at the dinner
    • The kids binged on ice cream

More 'overgorge' Meaning


  • noun a house where rooms are rented
    lodging house.

More 'rooming_house' Meaning


  • noun lodging for occasional or secondary use
    • they bought a pied-a-terre in London

More 'pied-a-terre' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Holland
    Hollander; Netherlander.

More 'dutchman' Meaning


  • noun something that remunerates
    pay; earnings; salary; remuneration.
    • wages were paid by check
    • he wasted his pay on drink
    • they saved a quarter of all their earnings
  • verb carry on (wars, battles, or campaigns)
    • Napoleon and Hitler waged war against all of Europe

More 'wage' Meaning


  • noun your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)
    fortune; destiny; fate; portion; lot; circumstances.
    • whatever my fortune may be
    • deserved a better fate
    • has a happy lot
    • the luck of the Irish
    • a victim of circumstances
    • success that was her portion
  • noun an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another
    chance; fortune; hazard.
    • bad luck caused his downfall
    • we ran into each other by pure chance

More 'luck' Meaning


  • noun the clay from which adobe bricks are made
  • noun sun-dried brick; used in hot dry climates
    adobe brick.

More 'adobe' Meaning


  • noun any collection in its entirety
    lot; bunch.
    • she bought the whole caboodle

More 'caboodle' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Pennsylvania

More 'keystone_stater' Meaning


  • noun a basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct
    • their principles of composition characterized all their works
  • noun a rule or standard especially of good behavior
    • a man of principle
    • he will not violate his principles

More 'principle' Meaning


  • noun (law) someone who owns (is legal possessor of) a business
    • he is the owner of a chain of restaurants
  • noun a person who owns something
    • they are searching for the owner of the car
    • who is the owner of that friendly smile?

More 'owner' Meaning


  • noun balcony consisting of the forward section of a theater mezzanine
  • noun private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance
    • the royal box was empty

More 'loge' Meaning


  • noun buying or selling securities or commodities
  • verb engage in the trade of
    merchandise; trade.
    • he is merchandising telephone sets

More 'trading' Meaning


  • noun a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice

More 'lawyer' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Delaware

More 'delawarean' Meaning


  • noun a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers
    lodge; auberge; hostelry; inn.
  • noun inexpensive supervised lodging (especially for youths on bicycling trips)
    student lodging; youth hostel.

More 'hostel' Meaning


  • noun a member of an indigenous nomadic people living in northern Scandinavia and herding reindeer
    Lapp; Sami; Saami; Lapplander; Same.
  • noun the language of nomadic Lapps in northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula
    Lapp; Sami; Same; Saami.

More 'saame' Meaning


  • noun an interconnected system of things or people
    • he owned a network of shops
    • retirement meant dropping out of a whole network of people who had been part of my life
    • tangled in a web of cloth
  • noun (broadcasting) a communication system consisting of a group of broadcasting stations that all transmit the same programs
    • the networks compete to broadcast important sports events

More 'network' Meaning


  • noun a person of mixed European and African descent
  • adjective relating to or coming from Europe and Africa

More 'eurafrican' Meaning


  • noun a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools
    machinist; mechanic.

More 'shop_mechanic' Meaning


  • noun everything that is included in a collection and that is held or included in something
    • he emptied the contents of his pockets
    • the two groups were similar in content
  • noun what a communication that is about something is about
    message; substance; subject matter.

More 'content' Meaning


  • noun a rare heavy polyvalent metallic element that resembles manganese chemically and is used in some alloys; is obtained as a by-product in refining molybdenum
    atomic number 75; rhenium.
  • noun ancient Egyptian sun god with the head of a hawk; a universal creator; he merged with the god Amen as Amen-Ra to become the king of the gods

More 're' Meaning


  • verb drink to the last drop
    drain the cup.
    • drink up--there's more wine coming

More 'drink_up' Meaning


  • noun a Navajo lodge covered with earth; traditionally built with the entrance facing east
  • noun United States golfer who won many major golf tournaments (1912-1997)
    William Benjamin Hogan; Ben Hogan.

More 'hogan' Meaning


  • noun a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)
    lubricating oil.
  • noun the state of being covered with unclean things
    filth; dirt; soil; grime; grunge; stain.

More 'grease' Meaning


  • noun a short light gust of air
    puff; puff of air.
  • noun a lefteye flounder found in coastal waters from New England to Brazil

More 'whiff' Meaning


  • noun a room where films or tapes are edited (by cutting out unwanted parts)

More 'cutting_room' Meaning


  • noun a British colony in the Caribbean to the northwest of Jamaica; an international banking center

More 'cayman_islands' Meaning


  • noun people who are free
    free people.
    • the home of the free and the brave
  • verb grant freedom to; free from confinement
    unloosen; unloose; loose; release; liberate.

More 'free' Meaning


  • noun a toilet that is available to the public
    comfort station; wash room; public convenience; restroom; convenience; public toilet; toilet facility.

More 'public_lavatory' Meaning


  • noun people who have been introduced to the mysteries of some field or activity
    • it is very familiar to the initiate
  • verb make understand
    edify; enlighten.
    • Can you enlighten me--I don't understand this proposal

More 'enlightened' Meaning


  • noun a credit card processing bank; merchants receive credit for credit card receipts less a processing fee

More 'merchant_bank' Meaning


  • noun an inhabitant of ancient Numidia
  • adjective of or relating to ancient Numidia or its people or culture

More 'numidian' Meaning


  • verb be around, often idly or without specific purpose
    • The object sat in the corner
    • We sat around chatting for another hour

More 'sit_around' Meaning


  • noun a room in a hospital for the care of patients

More 'hospital_room' Meaning


  • noun a person who pays local rates (especially a householder)

More 'ratepayer' Meaning


  • noun a human being
    someone; soul; person; individual; mortal.
    • there was too much for one person to do

More 'somebody' Meaning


  • noun the term of office of a bishop
  • noun the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop
    bishopric; diocese.

More 'episcopate' Meaning


  • noun a recklessly extravagant consumer
    squanderer; profligate.
  • adjective satellite recklessly wasteful
    spendthrift; extravagant; profligate.
    • prodigal in their expenditures

More 'prodigal' Meaning


  • noun a room in which billiards is played
    billiard hall; billiard saloon; billiard room; billiard parlour.

More 'billiard_parlor' Meaning


  • verb occupy a large, elongated area
    • The park stretched beneath the train line

More 'stretch_along' Meaning


  • verb take up as if with a sponge
    take up; sop up; take in.
  • verb attract by using an inexorable force, inducement, etc.
    • The current boom in the economy sucked many workers in from abroad

More 'suck_in' Meaning


  • noun a member of a European people who once occupied Britain and Spain and Gaul prior to Roman times

More 'celt' Meaning


  • noun a light evening meal; served in early evening if dinner is at midday or served late in the evening at bedtime
  • noun a social gathering where a light evening meal is served
    • her suppers often included celebrities

More 'supper' Meaning


  • noun an inhabitant of a western area; especially of the U.S.
  • adjective relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts
    • the Western world
    • Western thought
    • Western thought

More 'westerner' Meaning


  • noun a row or line of people (especially soldiers or police) standing abreast of one another
    • the entrance was guarded by ranks of policemen
  • noun relative status
    • his salary was determined by his rank and seniority

More 'rank' Meaning


  • noun a dwelling (a second home) where you live while you are on vacation

More 'vacation_home' Meaning


  • noun a thin coat of water-base paint
  • noun the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
    lavation; washing.

More 'wash' Meaning


  • verb drink greedily or as if with great thirst
    • The boys guzzled the cheap vodka

More 'guzzle' Meaning


  • verb use up (resources or materials)
    exhaust; consume; wipe out; use up; eat up; eat; run through.
    • this car consumes a lot of gas
    • We exhausted our savings
    • They run through 20 bottles of wine a week

More 'deplete' Meaning


  • verb send out rays or waves
    • The sun radiates heat
  • verb send out real or metaphoric rays
    • She radiates happiness

More 'radiate' Meaning


  • noun (computing) a collection of standard programs and subroutines that are stored and available for immediate use
    subroutine library; library.

More 'program_library' Meaning


  • noun a public dance hall for dancing to recorded popular music

More 'discotheque' Meaning


  • noun work done by one person or group that benefits another
    • budget separately for goods and services
  • noun an act of help or assistance
    • he did them a service

More 'service' Meaning


  • noun a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds
    domestic dog; Canis familiaris.
    • the dog barked all night
  • noun a dull unattractive unpleasant girl or woman
    • she got a reputation as a frump
    • she's a real dog

More 'dog' Meaning


  • noun a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited
    gallery; picture gallery.

More 'art_gallery' Meaning


  • noun lifting device consisting of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft in order to move people from one floor to another in a building
  • noun the airfoil on the tailplane of an aircraft that makes it ascend or descend

More 'elevator' Meaning


  • noun an artist of consummate skill
    • a master of the violin
    • one of the old masters
  • noun a person who has general authority over others
    lord; overlord.

More 'master' Meaning


  • verb think moodily or anxiously about something
  • verb originate (in)
    lie in; consist; lie.
    • The problems dwell in the social injustices in this country

More 'dwell' Meaning


  • noun capital as contrasted with the income derived from it
    principal sum; principal.
  • noun a collection of writings
    • he edited the Hemingway corpus

More 'corpus' Meaning


  • noun a blanket knitted or crocheted in strips or squares; sometimes used as a shawl
  • noun a native or inhabitant of Afghanistan

More 'afghan' Meaning


  • noun a small secluded room
    snug; cubby; cubbyhole.

More 'snuggery' Meaning


  • noun one who has lived in a village most of their life

More 'villager' Meaning


  • verb taste with relish
    • degust this wonderful soup

More 'degust' Meaning


  • noun an excavation for ore or precious stones or for archaeology
  • noun temporary living quarters
    diggings; domiciliation; lodgings; pad.

More 'digs' Meaning


  • verb create by putting components or members together
    set up; tack; assemble; piece; put together.
    • She pieced a quilt
    • He tacked together some verses
    • They set up a committee

More 'tack_together' Meaning


A quantity of corn formerly given by the lord to his customary tenants, as an encouragement to, or reward for, labor and faithful service.

More 'metecorn' Meaning


  • noun a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes
    press; closet.
  • noun collection of clothing belonging to one person

More 'wardrobe' Meaning


  • verb find unexpectedly
    happen upon; fall upon; attain; chance upon; discover; light upon; come across; strike; chance on.
    • the archeologists chanced upon an old tomb
    • she struck a goldmine
    • The hikers finally struck the main path to the lake
  • verb take possession of
    luck into; enter upon.
    • She entered upon the estate of her rich relatives

More 'come_upon' Meaning


  • noun a levy of one tenth of something
  • noun an offering of a tenth part of some personal income

More 'tithe' Meaning


  • noun a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent
    encampment; bivouac; camping site; campsite; camping ground; campground.

More 'camping_area' Meaning


  • noun the quality or state of the achromatic color of greatest lightness (bearing the least resemblance to black)
  • noun a member of the Caucasoid race
    White person; Caucasian.

More 'white' Meaning


  • noun someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil
    agriculturalist; cultivator; raiser; grower.

More 'agriculturist' Meaning


  • noun the act of passengers and crew getting aboard a ship or aircraft
    embarkation; embarkment.
  • noun a structure of boards

More 'boarding' Meaning


  • noun the property created by the space between two objects or points
  • noun a distant region
    • I could see it in the distance

More 'distance' Meaning


  • noun a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation

More 'bondholder' Meaning


  • noun a house built of sod or adobe laid in horizontal courses
    adobe house; soddy.

More 'sod_house' Meaning


  • noun a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
  • noun a figure that branches from a single root
    tree diagram.
    • genealogical tree

More 'tree' Meaning


  • noun a room where baggage or parcels are checked

More 'left-luggage_office' Meaning


  • noun a plumbing fixture that sprays water over you
    • they installed a shower in the bathroom
  • noun washing yourself by standing upright under water sprayed from a nozzle
    shower bath.
    • he took a shower after the game

More 'shower' Meaning


  • noun a collection of things (goods or works of art etc.) for public display
    exposition; exhibition.

More 'expo' Meaning


  • noun a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane)
    • he booked their seats in advance
    • he sat in someone else's place
  • noun the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
    bum; stern; keister; tail end; prat; bottom; rear end; buns; tail; tush; rump; fanny; ass; behind; tooshie; hind end; posterior; hindquarters; butt; nates; rear; arse; buttocks; backside; derriere; can; fundament.
    • he deserves a good kick in the butt
    • are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?

More 'seat' Meaning


  • noun the act of contracting or assuming or acquiring possession of something
    • the acquisition of wealth
    • the acquisition of one company by another
  • noun something acquired
    • a recent acquisition by the museum

More 'acquisition' Meaning


  • noun someone who earn wages in return for their labor

More 'wage_earner' Meaning


  • noun (New Testament) the sages who visited Jesus and Mary and Joseph shortly after Jesus was born; the Gospel According to Matthew says they were guided by a star and brought gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh; because there were three gifts it is usually assumed that there were three of them
  • noun a wise and trusted guide and advisor
    mentor; wise man.

More 'wise_men' Meaning


  • noun a large and stately mansion
  • noun the governing group of a kingdom
    • the palace issued an order binding on all subjects

More 'palace' Meaning


  • noun a member of the Himalayan people living in Nepal and Tibet who are famous for their skill as mountaineers

More 'sherpa' Meaning


  • noun a collection containing a variety of sorts of things
    mixture; smorgasbord; variety; motley; mixed bag; salmagundi; miscellany; assortment; potpourri.
    • a great assortment of cars was on display
    • he had a variety of disorders
    • a veritable smorgasbord of religions

More 'miscellanea' Meaning


  • noun clarification that follows from the removal of ambiguity

More 'disambiguation' Meaning


  • noun (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls
    base on balls; walk.
    • he worked the pitcher for a base on balls
  • noun (military) a written leave of absence
    • he had a pass for three days

More 'pass' Meaning


  • noun opinion or judgment
    • in the eyes of the law
    • I was wrong in her eyes
  • noun the organ of sight
    eye; optic; oculus.

More 'eyes' Meaning


  • noun a person who smokes tobacco
    tobacco user.
  • noun a party for men only (or one considered suitable for men only)
    stag party.

More 'smoker' Meaning


  • noun all the gods of a religion
  • noun a monument commemorating a nation's dead heroes

More 'pantheon' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a column of light (as from a beacon)
    shaft; ray of light; irradiation; shaft of light; beam; beam of light; light beam.
  • noun a branch of an umbel or an umbelliform inflorescence

More 'ray' Meaning


  • noun tent that is an Eskimo summer dwelling
    tupek; tupik.

More 'sealskin_tent' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Maine

More 'down_easter' Meaning


  • noun someone who lives in a cottage
    cottage dweller.

More 'cottager' Meaning


  • noun a room that can be filled with steam in which people bathe; `vapour bath' is a British term
    vapour bath; steam bath; steam room.
  • noun you sweat in a steam room before getting a rubdown and cold shower
    vapour bath; steam bath; Turkish bath.

More 'vapor_bath' Meaning


  • noun a long backless sofa (usually with pillows against a wall)
  • noun a Muslim council of state

More 'divan' Meaning


  • noun a cell in which soldiers who are prisoners are confined
  • noun a room used by soldiers on guard

More 'guardroom' Meaning


  • noun collection of materials of or characteristic of the Victorian era

More 'victoriana' Meaning


  • noun a heavy rain
    downpour; deluge; cloudburst; pelter; waterspout; torrent.
  • noun a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually
    souse; alcoholic; lush; alky; boozer; dipsomaniac.

More 'soaker' Meaning


  • adjective not held or filled or in use
    • an unoccupied telephone booth
    • unoccupied hours
  • adjective not seized and controlled
    • unoccupied areas of France

More 'unoccupied' Meaning


  • verb take by theft
    cop; knock off; thieve; hook; snitch.
    • Someone snitched my wallet!
  • verb seize upon or latch onto something
    • The Republicans glommed onto Whitewater

More 'glom' Meaning


  • noun a long narrow dining table supported by a stretcher between two trestles

More 'refectory_table' Meaning


  • noun any dialect of the language of ancient Rome
  • noun an inhabitant of ancient Latium

More 'latin' Meaning


  • noun a written message addressed to a person or organization
    • mailed an indignant letter to the editor
  • noun the conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech
    alphabetic character; letter of the alphabet.
    • his grandmother taught him his letters

More 'letter' Meaning


  • noun a group of people who work together
  • noun an organized structure for arranging or classifying
    organisation; system; arrangement.
    • he changed the arrangement of the topics
    • the facts were familiar but it was in the organization of them that he was original
    • he tried to understand their system of classification

More 'organization' Meaning


  • noun pungent seasoning from the berry of the common pepper plant of East India; use whole or ground

More 'peppercorn' Meaning


  • noun a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
  • verb make up
    • coin phrases or words

More 'coin' Meaning


  • verb claim back
  • verb regain possession of something
    take back.

More 'repossess' Meaning


  • noun a room enclosed largely with glass and affording exposure to the sun
    sunroom; sun parlor; solarium; sun parlour; sun porch; sunporch.

More 'sun_lounge' Meaning


  • noun a house used as a hiding place or refuge by members of certain organizations

More 'safe_house' Meaning


  • noun temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers
    encampment; bivouac; cantonment.
    • wherever he went in the camp the men were grumbling
  • noun a group of people living together in a camp
    • the whole camp laughed at his mistake

More 'camp' Meaning


  • noun the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)
  • noun the amount of fluid that flows in a given time
    flow rate; rate of flow.

More 'flow' Meaning


  • noun a category falling within certain defined limits
  • noun either of two punctuation marks (`<' or `>') used in computer programming and sometimes used to enclose textual material
    angle bracket.

More 'bracket' Meaning


  • noun a person absorbed by the concerns and interests and pleasures of the present world
  • noun an inhabitant of the earth
    earthman; tellurian; earthling.

More 'worldling' Meaning


  • noun a very small circular shape
    • a row of points
    • draw lines between the dots
  • noun the United States federal department that institutes and coordinates national transportation programs; created in 1966
    Department of Transportation; Transportation.

More 'dot' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of New Hampshire
    New Hampshirite.

More 'granite_stater' Meaning


  • noun the act of paying for the use of something (as an apartment or house or car)
  • verb let for money
    rent; lease.
    • We rented our apartment to friends while we were abroad

More 'renting' Meaning


  • verb grant the services of or the temporary use of, for a fee
    farm out; hire out.
    • We rent out our apartment to tourists every year
    • He hired himself out as a cook

More 'rent_out' Meaning


  • noun someone who chews (especially someone who chews tobacco)

More 'chewer' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India
    Hindu; Hindoo.
  • noun a form of Hindi spoken around Delhi
    Hindoostani; Hindostani.

More 'hindustani' Meaning


  • noun a room in which billiards is played
    billiard parlor; billiard hall; billiard saloon; billiard room.

More 'billiard_parlour' Meaning


  • noun the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on
    globe; world.
    • the Earth moves around the sun
    • he sailed around the world
  • noun the loose soft material that makes up a large part of the land surface
    • they dug into the earth outside the church

More 'earth' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Europe
  • adjective of or relating to or characteristic of Europe or the people of Europe
    • European Community

More 'european' Meaning


  • noun a bedroom (usually with bath) in a hotel

More 'hotel_room' Meaning


  • noun people who have possessions and wealth (considered as a group)
    rich people.
    • only the very rich benefit from this legislation
  • adjective possessing material wealth
    • her father is extremely rich
    • many fond hopes are pinned on rich uncles

More 'rich' Meaning


  • noun the owner or manager of a dairy
    dairy farmer.
  • noun a man who works in a dairy

More 'dairyman' Meaning


  • noun your parents
    • he wrote to his folks every day
  • noun people in general (often used in the plural)
    common people; folk.
    • they're just country folk
    • folks around here drink moonshine
    • the common people determine the group character and preserve its customs from one generation to the next

More 'folks' Meaning


  • noun a secret store of valuables or money
    cache; stash.
  • verb save up as for future use
    squirrel away; cache; stash; lay away; hive up.

More 'hoard' Meaning


  • noun an uproarious party
    bash; brawl.
  • noun the syllable naming the first (tonic) note of any major scale in solmization
    doh; ut.

More 'do' Meaning


  • noun (chemistry) a substance consisting of two or more substances mixed together (not in fixed proportions and not with chemical bonding)
  • noun any foodstuff made by combining different ingredients
    concoction; intermixture.
    • he volunteered to taste her latest concoction
    • he drank a mixture of beer and lemonade

More 'mixture' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Albania
  • noun the Indo-European language spoken by the people of Albania

More 'albanian' Meaning


  • noun a town in Upper Egypt
  • noun a collection of 13 ancient papyrus codices translated from Greek into Coptic that were discovered by farmers near the town of Nag Hammadi in 1945; the codices contain 45 distinct works including the chief sources of firsthand knowledge of Gnosticism
    Nag Hammadi Library.

More 'nag_hammadi' Meaning


  • verb extend in importance or range
    go far.
    • His accomplishments go far

More 'go_deep' Meaning


  • noun a small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles
  • noun an enclosed space
    sac; pouch; sack.
    • the trapped miners found a pocket of air

More 'pocket' Meaning


  • noun a rented car
    u-drive; rent-a-car; self-drive; you-drive; hire car.
    • she picked up a hire car at the airport and drove to her hotel

More 'car_rental' Meaning


  • noun a person of mixed European and Asian descent
  • adjective relating to, or coming from, Europe and Asia
    • His mother was Eurasian, and his father Chinese
    • the Eurasian landmass is the largest in the world

More 'eurasian' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Ireland
    Irish person.

More 'irelander' Meaning


  • verb earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages
    bring in; clear; pull in; take in; gain; realise; realize; make.
    • How much do you make a month in your new job?
    • She earns a lot in her new job
    • this merger brought in lots of money
    • He clears $5,000 each month
  • verb acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions

More 'earn' Meaning


  • noun a room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter
    taproom; barroom; saloon; ginmill.
    • he drowned his sorrows in whiskey at the bar
  • noun a counter where you can obtain food or drink
    • he bought a hot dog and a coke at the bar

More 'bar' Meaning


  • noun a tenant in someone's house
    lodger; roomer.
  • noun someone who forces their way aboard ship
    • stand by to repel boarders

More 'boarder' Meaning


  • noun a car that is powered by electricity
    electric; electric car.

More 'electric_automobile' Meaning


  • noun popular dance music (especially in the late 1970s); melodic with a regular bass beat; intended mainly for dancing at discotheques
    disco music.
  • noun a public dance hall for dancing to recorded popular music

More 'disco' Meaning


  • noun a flexible container with a single opening
    • he stuffed his laundry into a large bag
  • noun the quantity of game taken in a particular period (usually by one person)
    • his bag included two deer

More 'bag' Meaning


  • noun townsman unacquainted with country life especially a slick and flashy male city dweller

More 'townee' Meaning


  • noun water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere
  • verb travel by means of steam power
    • The ship steamed off into the Pacific

More 'steam' Meaning


  • verb use up (resources or materials)
    exhaust; consume; deplete; use up; eat up; eat; run through.
    • this car consumes a lot of gas
    • We exhausted our savings
    • They run through 20 bottles of wine a week
  • verb kill in large numbers
    annihilate; carry off; decimate; eliminate; extinguish; eradicate.
    • the plague wiped out an entire population

More 'wipe_out' Meaning


  • noun a horizontal beam that extends across something
    crosspiece; crossbeam; trave.
  • noun a horizontal crosspiece across a window or separating a door from a window over it

More 'traverse' Meaning


  • noun an established custom
    • it was their habit to dine at 7 every evening
  • noun (psychology) an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation; may be inherited or acquired through frequent repetition
    • owls have nocturnal habits
    • she had a habit twirling the ends of her hair
    • long use had hardened him to it

More 'habit' Meaning


  • noun the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men)
    habitation; inhabitancy.
    • he studied the creation and inhabitation and demise of the colony

More 'inhabitation' Meaning


  • noun a small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter

More 'hunting_lodge' Meaning


  • noun an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented
    hard drink; spirits; John Barleycorn; booze; hard liquor; strong drink.
  • noun a liquid substance that is a solution (or emulsion or suspension) used or obtained in an industrial process
    • waste liquors

More 'liquor' Meaning


  • noun the act of subjecting to experimental test in order to determine how well something works
    • they agreed to end the testing of atomic weapons
  • noun an examination of the characteristics of something
    • there are laboratories for commercial testing
    • it involved testing thousands of children for smallpox

More 'testing' Meaning


  • noun a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations
    operating theatre; operating theater; OR; surgery.
    • great care is taken to keep the operating rooms aseptic

More 'operating_room' Meaning


  • verb corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality
    pervert; debase; profane; misdirect; subvert; debauch; deprave; vitiate; demoralise; demoralize.
    • debauch the young people with wine and women
    • Socrates was accused of corrupting young men
    • Do school counselors subvert young children?
    • corrupt the morals
  • verb make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence
    grease one's palms; buy; bribe.
    • This judge can be bought

More 'corrupt' Meaning


  • noun the subject matter of a conversation or discussion
    topic; theme.
    • he didn't want to discuss that subject
    • it was a very sensitive topic
    • his letters were always on the theme of love
  • noun something (a person or object or scene) selected by an artist or photographer for graphic representation
    content; depicted object.
    • a moving picture of a train is more dramatic than a still picture of the same subject

More 'subject' Meaning


  • noun climbing vine native to China; cultivated in New Zealand for its fuzzy edible fruit with green meat
    Actinidia deliciosa; kiwi vine; Chinese gooseberry; Actinidia chinensis.
  • noun a native or inhabitant of New Zealand
    New Zealander.

More 'kiwi' Meaning


  • noun a house used as a residence by a chapter of a fraternity
    frat house; chapterhouse.

More 'fraternity_house' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Indonesia
  • noun the dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of Malaysia
    Bahasa Indonesia; Bahasa.

More 'indonesian' Meaning


  • noun a farmer who works land owned by someone else

More 'tenant_farmer' Meaning


(Law) Wood allowed to a tenant for repairing the house and for fuel. This latter is often called firebote. See Bote.

More 'housebote' Meaning


  • adjective satellite not present; having left
    • he's away right now
    • you must not allow a stranger into the house when your mother is away
  • adjective used of an opponent's ground
    • an away game

More 'away' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Iberia in the Caucasus
  • noun a native or inhabitant of the Iberian Peninsula (especially in ancient times)

More 'iberian' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Sri Lanka
  • noun the Indic language spoken by the people of Sri Lanka
    Singhalese; Sinhala.

More 'sinhalese' Meaning


  • noun a small secluded room
    snuggery; snug; cubbyhole.

More 'cubby' Meaning


  • verb overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself
    engorge; gormandise; overgorge; glut; overeat; satiate; englut; stuff; ingurgitate; overindulge; gorge; scarf out; gourmandize; binge; pig out.
    • She stuffed herself at the dinner
    • The kids binged on ice cream

More 'gormandize' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Iraq
    • the majority of Iraqi are Arab Shiite Muslims although Sunni Muslims control the government
  • adjective of or relating to Iraq or its people or culture
    • Iraqi oil
    • Iraqi refugees

More 'iraki' Meaning


  • noun a car modified to increase its speed and acceleration
    hot rod.

More 'hot-rod' Meaning


  • verb cancel or discharge a debt
    pay; pay up.
    • pay up, please!

More 'ante_up' Meaning


  • noun an inhabitant of the earth
    tellurian; worldling; earthling.

More 'earthman' Meaning


  • verb destroy completely
    • Fire had devoured our home
  • verb enjoy avidly
    • She devoured his novels

More 'devour' Meaning


  • noun the point or degree to which something extends
    • the extent of the damage
    • the full extent of the law
    • to a certain extent she was right
  • noun the distance or area or volume over which something extends
    • the vast extent of the desert
    • an orchard of considerable extent

More 'extent' Meaning


  • noun a car that has top that can be folded or removed
  • noun a corporate security (usually bonds or preferred stock) that can be exchanged for another form of security (usually common stock)
    convertible security.

More 'convertible' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of the city of Colossae in ancient Phrygia

More 'colossian' Meaning


  • noun a politically organized body of people under a single government
    commonwealth; land; res publica; nation; state; body politic.
    • the state has elected a new president
    • African nations
    • students who had come to the nation's capitol
    • the country's largest manufacturer
    • an industrialized land
  • noun the territory occupied by a nation
    state; land.
    • he returned to the land of his birth
    • he visited several European countries

More 'country' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Syria
  • adjective of or relating to or characteristic of Syria or its people or culture
    • the Syrian government

More 'syrian' Meaning


  • noun people who have possessions and wealth (considered as a group)
    • only the very rich benefit from this legislation

More 'rich_people' Meaning


  • noun something that people do or cause to happen
    deed; human action; act.

More 'human_activity' Meaning


  • noun a storehouse where a stock of things is kept
  • noun the entire range of skills or aptitudes or devices used in a particular field or occupation
    • the repertory of the supposed feats of mesmerism
    • has a large repertory of dialects and characters

More 'repertory' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun volcanic rock consisting of large fragments fused together
  • noun a collection of objects laid on top of each other
    cumulus; pile; heap; mound; cumulation.

More 'agglomerate' Meaning


  • noun a collection of small fragments considered as a whole
    • Berlin was bombed to smithereens
    • his hopes were dashed to smithereens
    • I wanted to smash him to smithereens
    • the toilet bowl ws blown to smithereens

More 'smithereens' Meaning


  • noun a people living traditionally in mountain villages in southern China and adjacent areas of Vietnam and Laos and Thailand; many have emigrated to the United States
  • noun a language of uncertain affiliation spoken by the Hmong
    Hmong language; Miao.

More 'hmong' Meaning


  • noun the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)
    last name; family name; cognomen.

More 'surname' Meaning


  • noun a prearranged meeting for consultation or exchange of information or discussion (especially one with a formal agenda)
  • noun an association of sports teams that organizes matches for its members

More 'conference' Meaning


  • noun a room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet
  • noun a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
    toilet; privy; lavatory; can; lav; john.

More 'bathroom' Meaning


  • noun any act of immoderate indulgence
    splurge; orgy.
    • an orgy of shopping
    • an emotional binge
    • a splurge of spending
  • noun an occasion for excessive eating or drinking
    tear; bout; bust.
    • they went on a bust that lasted three days

More 'binge' Meaning


  • noun a member of a people inhabiting the northern Malay Peninsula and Malaysia and parts of the western Malay Archipelago
  • noun a western subfamily of Western Malayo-Polynesian languages

More 'malay' Meaning


  • noun a general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal (or mixture of cereals) flavored with hops

More 'beer' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Polynesia
  • noun the branch of the Austronesian languages spoken from Madagascar to the central Pacific

More 'polynesian' Meaning


  • noun a room in a school where lessons take place

More 'schoolroom' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Indiana

More 'hoosier' Meaning


  • noun a committee having supervisory powers
    • the board has seven members
  • noun a stout length of sawn timber; made in a wide variety of sizes and used for many purposes

More 'board' Meaning


  • noun a characteristic state or mode of living
    • social life
    • city life
    • real life
  • noun the experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities
    • he could no longer cope with the complexities of life

More 'life' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Vermont

More 'vermonter' Meaning


  • noun a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
  • verb administer a drug to
    • They drugged the kidnapped tourist

More 'drug' Meaning


  • noun a bedroom for a child

More 'child's_room' Meaning


  • noun a room where a committee meets (such as the board of directors of a company)
    council chamber.

More 'boardroom' Meaning


  • noun an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented
    spirits; liquor; John Barleycorn; booze; hard liquor; strong drink.

More 'hard_drink' Meaning


  • noun a drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident
    • it sounds good but what's the catch?
  • noun the quantity that was caught
    • the catch was only 10 fish

More 'catch' Meaning


  • noun the aggregation of a country's military aircraft
    air power.
  • noun the operation of aircraft to provide transportation

More 'aviation' Meaning


  • noun an American who lives in the North (especially during the American Civil War)
    Northerner; Yankee.
  • noun an American (especially to non-Americans)
    Yankee-Doodle; Yankee.

More 'yank' Meaning


  • noun cohabitation without being legally married

More 'concubinage' Meaning


  • noun an enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads
    armoured combat vehicle; armored combat vehicle; army tank.
  • noun a large (usually metallic) vessel for holding gases or liquids
    storage tank.

More 'tank' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Cyprus
    Cypriote; Cyprian.
  • adjective of or relating to Cyprus or its people or culture
    Cypriote; Cyprian.
    • Cypriot expatriates
    • Cypriote monasteries

More 'cypriot' Meaning


  • noun a thin crisp wafer made of flour and water with or without leavening and shortening; unsweetened or semisweet
  • noun a poor White person in the southern United States

More 'cracker' Meaning


  • noun a zealously energetic person (especially a salesman)
  • noun a native or resident of Minnesota

More 'gopher' Meaning


  • noun people who are confined to their homes
  • adjective satellite confined usually by illness
    housebound; shut-in.

More 'homebound' Meaning


  • noun a mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing; the stuff that the wind consists of
    • air pollution
    • a smell of chemicals in the air
    • open a window and let in some air
    • I need some fresh air
  • noun the region above the ground
    • her hand stopped in mid air
    • he threw the ball into the air

More 'air' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Iran
    Irani; Iranian.
    • the majority of Irani are Persian Shiite Muslims
  • noun the language of Persia (Iran) in any of its ancient forms

More 'persian' Meaning


  • noun someone who drives (or travels in) an automobile

More 'motorist' Meaning


  • noun the common people generally
    people; masses; the great unwashed; mass; multitude.
    • separate the warriors from the mass
    • power to the people

More 'hoi_polloi' Meaning


  • verb suffer the results or consequences of one's behavior or actions
    get one's lumps.

More 'take_one's_lumps' Meaning


  • noun something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone;
    belongings; holding.
    • that hat is my property
    • he is a man of property
  • noun a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class
    • a study of the physical properties of atomic particles

More 'property' Meaning


  • noun a mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving
    ground tackle.
  • noun a central cohesive source of support and stability
    mainstay; backbone; linchpin; lynchpin; keystone.
    • faith is his anchor
    • the keystone of campaign reform was the ban on soft money
    • he is the linchpin of this firm

More 'anchor' Meaning


  • noun a colony given to a proprietor to govern (in 17th century)

More 'proprietary_colony' Meaning


  • noun a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually
    alcoholic; lush; alky; boozer; dipsomaniac; soaker.
  • noun pork trimmings chopped and pickled and jelled

More 'souse' Meaning


  • verb occupy a place
    • The crowds are moving in
  • verb of trains; move into (a station)
    get in; pull in; draw in.
    • The bullet train drew into Tokyo Station

More 'move_in' Meaning


  • noun in the Eastern Orthodox Church this title is given to a position between bishop and patriarch; equivalent to archbishop in western Christianity
  • noun a person who lives in a metropolis

More 'metropolitan' Meaning


  • verb remove by drawing or pulling
    draw away; pull off.
    • She placed the tray down and drew off the cloth
    • draw away the cloth that is covering the cheese
  • verb remove (a commodity) from (a supply source)
    take out; draw; withdraw.
    • She drew $2,000 from the account
    • The doctors drew medical supplies from the hospital's emergency bank

More 'draw_off' Meaning


  • verb regain or make up for
    recover; recoup.
    • recuperate one's losses
  • verb regain a former condition after a financial loss
    go back; recover.
    • We expect the stocks to recover to $2.90
    • The company managed to recuperate

More 'recuperate' Meaning


  • noun the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information
    information technology.

More 'it' Meaning


  • noun people who are defeated
    • the Romans had no pity for the defeated
  • verb win a victory over
    get the better of; overcome; defeat.
    • You must overcome all difficulties
    • defeat your enemies
    • He overcame his shyness
    • He overcame his infirmity
    • Her anger got the better of her and she blew up

More 'defeated' Meaning


  • noun a restraint used to slow or stop a vehicle
  • noun any of various ferns of the genus Pteris having pinnately compound leaves and including several popular houseplants

More 'brake' Meaning


  • noun a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
  • noun a rare soft silvery metallic element; occurs in small quantities in sphalerite
    indium; atomic number 49.

More 'in' Meaning


  • noun any of numerous small rodents typically resembling diminutive rats having pointed snouts and small ears on elongated bodies with slender usually hairless tails
  • noun a swollen bruise caused by a blow to the eye
    black eye; shiner.

More 'mouse' Meaning


(Eng. Law.) An allowance of wood to a tenant for repairing his hedges or fences; hedgebote. See Bote. Blackstone.

More 'haybote' Meaning


  • noun an American who favored the British side during the American Revolution
  • noun a member of political party in Great Britain that has been known as the Conservative Party since 1832; was the opposition party to the Whigs

More 'tory' Meaning


  • noun a recognizable kind
    • there's a new brand of hero in the movies now
    • what make of car is that?
  • noun the act of mixing cards haphazardly
    shuffle; shuffling.

More 'make' Meaning


  • noun a room used primarily for sleeping
    sleeping accommodation; chamber; sleeping room; bedroom.

More 'bedchamber' Meaning


  • noun (ethnic slur) an offensive name for an unskilled Asian laborer

More 'cooly' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of North America
  • adjective of or pertaining to or characteristic of the continent or countries of North America or their peoples

More 'north_american' Meaning


  • verb share living quarters; usually said of people who are not married and live together as a couple
    shack up; cohabit.

More 'live_together' Meaning


  • noun people collectively who are mentally retarded
    developmentally challenged; retarded.
    • he started a school for the retarded

More 'mentally_retarded' Meaning


  • noun a native or inhabitant of Lebanon
  • adjective of or relating to or characteristic of Lebanon or its people
    • Lebanese mountains

More 'lebanese' Meaning


  • noun a hall where concerts are given

More 'concert_hall' Meaning


  • noun an inhabitant of a border district
  • noun walks with regular or stately step

More 'marcher' Meaning


  • noun a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity
    mixer; sociable.
  • adjective relating to human society and its members
    • social institutions
    • societal evolution
    • societal forces
    • social legislation

More 'social' Meaning


  • noun the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb
    mitt; paw; manus.
    • he had the hands of a surgeon
    • he extended his mitt
  • noun a hired laborer on a farm or ranch
    hired hand; hired man.
    • the hired hand fixed the railing
    • a ranch hand

More 'hand' Meaning


Sorry, we do not have the definition for this word.


  • noun a person who lives and works on land
    landlubber; landsman.

More 'landman' Meaning


  • noun an extortionate rent

More 'rack_rent' Meaning


  • noun a worker who husks corn
  • noun a native or resident of Nebraska

More 'cornhusker' Meaning


  • noun a poor White person in the southern United States

More 'redneck' Meaning


  • noun a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists
  • verb drink excessive amounts of alcohol; be an alcoholic
    • The husband drinks and beats his wife

More 'tope' Meaning


  • noun a native or resident of Nevada

More 'nevadan' Meaning


  • verb be available or ready for a certain function or service
    stick about; stand by.
  • verb stay put (in a certain place); we are not moving to Cincinnati"
    stay put; stick; stay.
    • We are staying in Detroit
    • Stay put in the corner here!
    • Stick around and you will learn something!

More 'stick_around' Meaning


  • noun an open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built
    fireplace; open fireplace.
    • the fireplace was so large you could walk inside it
    • he laid a fire in the hearth and lit it
    • the hearth was black with the charcoal of many fires
  • noun home symbolized as a part of the fireplace
    • driven from hearth and home
    • fighting in defense of their firesides

More 'hearth' Meaning


  • noun United States songwriter noted for his protest songs (born in 1941)
    Bob Dylan.
  • noun Celtic god of the waves; son of Arianrhod

More 'dylan' Meaning