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magazine Idioms & Phrases

Expense magazine

  • (Mil.), a small magazine containing ammunition for immediate use.
Webster 1913

magazine article

  • noun an article published in a magazine

Magazine dress

  • clothing made chiefly of woolen, without anything metallic about it, to be worn in a powder magazine.
Webster 1913

Magazine gun

  • a portable firearm, as a rifle, with a chamber carrying cartridges which are brought automatically into position for firing.
Webster 1913

magazine publisher

  • noun a business firm that publishes magazines
    • he works for a magazine

magazine rack

  • noun a rack for displaying magazines

Magazine stove

  • a stove having a chamber for holding fuel which is supplied to the fire by some self-feeding process, as in the common base-burner.
Webster 1913

news magazine

  • noun a magazine devoted to reports of current events; usually published weekly

powder magazine

  • noun a storehouse (as a compartment on a warship) where weapons and ammunition are stored
    magazine; powder store.

Powder magazine, ∨ Powder room

  • . See Magazine, 2.
Webster 1913

pulp magazine

  • noun an inexpensive magazine printed on poor quality paper

slick magazine

  • noun a magazine printed on good quality paper
    slick; glossy.

To take a newspaper, magazine, or the like

  • to receive it regularly, as on paying the price of subscription.
Webster 1913

trade magazine

  • noun a magazine published for and read by members of a particular trade group